Going into my gallery and surprised with this memorable pic taken in colorado in deer 🦌 hunting trip since 2007 .... oldies and much more than goldies #mohamadali #mohamadyaman #memorable #trip #greatful #greattime #oldies #billionaires #billionaireshall #billionaireboysclub #royals #millionair #lamborghini #luxury #armani #arabica #arabicacoffee #arabicadubaicitywalk
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Jangan takut menghadapi tantangan,ada dirimu sendiri yang selalu bisa diandalkan. #mohamadali . . . #kudus, #kuduskeren, #kaskuskudusmarathon, #10k, #juara
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Young dumb and broke. #mohamadali #supreme
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Everybody who was blessed enough to be in the presence of Muhammad Ali or even be in the same room as him, all reported that Muhammad had a special and unique aura; as if he was glowing with special energy formed around him. This unseeable aura could be felt and often made presidents, kings, various other celebrity figures and many people around the world literally limb and speechless. It makes people hooked on him, literally.. Muhammad Ali's cornerman (was once cornerman to Sugar Ray Robinson) and friend Drew "Bundini" Brown used to say that Muhammad Ali was a prophet of God up until his final days on Earth.. Drew used to say Muhammad is so great because he is God's work, everything he does is about spreading God, peace, love, equality and learn the people around the world of true Islam and to unite all races and various creeds together from around the world and teach them to love one another. Bundini as the boxing circle know him as said: "When Muhammad Ali makes a promise that he will not lose, he will not lose. When he makes this promise, nobody ever beats Ali. Because you don't beat God's work." All this in turn made him the most famous and recognised living man on Earth. Muhammad Ali once jokingly said "I am the most famous man that ever lived, because when Jesus and the rest of the prophets were around; there was no satellites or televisions - so people around the world, in other towns, cities, countries and villages had never actually seen or heard them before." Muhammad Ali said this comment tongue in cheek, but when you think about it - He was damn right. He really was the most famous, loved, controversial and worldly-recognised living** man that ever walked the Earth. Key word: living*. Soak that in! #MuhammadAli
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