Super fun date day with my boy!! When did he get so big... and when did I get so old...? Crawling through tunnels is not as easy as I remembered 🙈 #billybeez #mommysondate #gratefulforoneononetime #unexpectedbutneeded #hessobig #imgettingold
8 hours ago
There are so many tragic events with teenagers these days and a gazillion debates going on about gun control and mental health, etc. I want NO part of the politics or debates. I think we just need to be present in our kids lives. Take the time, grab a smoothie or lunch with them, put down the electronics and TALK. Make family dinners important. Tell them they are worthy. BE PRESENT. I have taken the time this week to be alone and talk with my kids; the older ones especially. Do you have dates with your kids? Make family time important?
9 hours ago
Bananas are his favorite. First he wore them as a hat, then they broke apart, so naturally, he answered his banana phone (@jeniwhite_ ) before he got the bad guy behind his mama! Never dull with this joyful, adventurous storyteller around! 4 years, 4 mos #jamesleewasmeanttobe #mommysondate
9 hours ago
Date night. #mommysondate
11 hours ago
Nothing says a day in the city like #pennstation #pizza on the #lirr #myboy #mommysondate #lovehimtopieces
12 hours ago
2nd half of the day consisted of eating at Ceden’s favorite place (Chipoltle 🌯) and painting some pottery at Paint Yourself Silly 🤪. Now headed home for a movie night #cedenj #lovethiskid #chipotle #paintingfun🎨 #mommysondate
12 hours ago
Lunch date with my little man💞 he’s working on cursive writing, ahead of what he’s been taught so far in his class. #mommysondate #lovehim
14 hours ago
20 hours ago
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