Decided to give myself a little treat once these 10 weeks are over and get my Pinocchio nose pierced! I’ve always wanted it done, and now I figured why not! It won’t be a septum piercing like this fella, more like a cute tiny stud (or at least that’s what envision 😝) that a decent hair cut too. Truth be told since having my babe over a year and half ago, I’ve let myself go to the bottom of the list of priorities. Something I’m pretty sure most mamas are guilty of doing, but I’m determined to do this for me and get back to where I was confidence wise 2 years ago. Being a mama is the loneliest gig I’ve ever come across. Throw a foreign country into the mix and it’s even more so. 2018 is going to be my year, I can feel it. #ashleyhornertransformyou #ashletes #becomingextraordinary #momentum #fitmama #fitmom #motherrunner
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FINISHER 👊🏻 A word that never tasted so sweet. There were times during the marathon that I questioned if I would be able to finish. I felt so strong and relaxed during the majority of the race. I had a solid plan that I was confident I could achieve. My main goal was to finish but I had also worked extremely hard to make the 8:00/mi pace (3:30finish time) comfortable and my dream was to qualify for Boston on my first marathon. 💙💛🦄 💥Game Plan- 8:00-8:05 pace the first 10k then 7:50’s until the half then gauge how I’m feeling and push into the 7:40’s then finish the last 4-6 miles as fast as I had left. 👊🏻💥 I knew from my long runs that this was doable if I worked for it, but still I had a huge fear of the distance. The marathon is a distance to respect. And I now have a much deeper respect for anyone who has attempted it and finished it. Soo many things can go wrong in that amount of time you are running. Cramps, dehydration, fueling issues, hitting the wall, crashing... and more. For me, my legs felt great up until the last few miles (dead legs is a thing and OMG my quads were, and still are, on fire 🔥) but after mile 15, I started having GI issues and made the decision not to take any more GU or water for the rest of the race. On my last long run I didn’t use any fuel or water so I was praying that my body could make it to the end. At mile 15 I saw my family (2nd video) and still felt like I had just started running. The next few miles I felt great but started worrying about the fueling issues so I made the decision to keep the pace consistent instead of trying to push it. Things got HARD the last 4-5 Miles. My legs felt so heavy and hurt like they never had before. But I was so close- I did some quick math and knew that even if I slowed down slightly I could still reach the goal I spent so many hours, days and months working towards. I also had friends at mile 23 (perfect spot to have support at!!!) and my family was at the finish. I started praying, thought of my Dad and his advice and encouragement, and counted songs to get to the finish. “2 songs per mile” “just keep moving” “you got this” I felt like I was running SO SLOW (cont. in comments)
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The annual Indoor Sidewalk Sale is happening from January 18th-January 21st at RunningCo. of Haddonfield only! Thursday: 10-7 pm Friday: 10-7 pm Saturday: 10-5 pm Sunday: 12-4 pm Footwear anywhere from $10-$100 and apparel 40-60% off
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Post marathon hike ... what else do you do on a rest day! 9 stunning and beautiful miles on South Mountain in Phoenix. Kept it at an easy pace, enjoying the time with my daughter and the blue skies! #marathon #az #rnraz #hiking #family #familyfun #momontherun #motherrunner #racecation
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Day 2 of 80 in the was booty day and I “only” used two little bands for this workout!! All I can say is woah, they mean business!! . I’m feeling better already....clearing my system of all of the holiday junk! It’s not easy, but when you plan, prep, set your intentions and have an amazing support group, it’s definitely doable!! . My littlest one was up just about every hour again tugging on her ear...I’m pretty sure it’s from teething and not an ear infection, but any tips on figuring that out?! Tylenol helped some, but she still didn’t get very good sleep.😢 Thank goodness for my energize before my workout!! I’m certainly not complaining about the extra baby snuggles!! I’ll take them any time, but maybe just a few less at night.😂 That’s not too much to ask, right?!
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This is a great reminder. 💗 Every morning I have two choices...1) Hit snooze and dream a lil more, or 2) Wake up and make those dreams reality. A few years ago I would’ve always chose #1 because my priorities were not only different but my lifestyle was also different, my goals and ambitions were different. These days, I wake early not because I feel forced to, but, wait...I actually love my early mornings. ☀️ Today I chose 20 Min on the 🚴🏻‍♀️ + New LYB with Kat + Total Body Detox. Now I’ve already worked out, watched the sunrise, showered, and now enjoying my brekkie. Let’s make it a GREAT day, because, heck why not?! 💗😘✌🏻 #toneitup #tiuloveyourbody #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiugirl #tiucommunity #tiurunner #tiumom #tiumama #tiusandiego #tiucalifornia #tiudailymoves #tiubootycall #tiusisters #tiunutritionplan #studiotoneitup #shareloveinspiresweat #momswhorun #motherrunner #sweatpink #fitmomsinspire #strongnotskinny #fitfam #grateful #thankful #momlife #getoutside #thebestisyettocome #positivevibes @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott
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My son is so interested in yoga these days that I find him randomly performing chair poses or downward dog. 🤔I wonder why. ❤️😊#actionspeakslouderthanwords #mybuddy
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4 easy miles today. I’m working on taking the easy days easy this training cycle. As I’m working harder on my hard days, I’m understanding the importance of easy days both physically and mentally. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to run the Chicago marathon. Yesterday I put my application in for the NYC marathon. NYC is a bucket list race for me and I’d love to run all of the majors. #sarahmariedesignstudio #drinkallthecoffeerunallthemiles #worldmarathonmajors #bucketlist
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