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Movie Name: Home Alone 4 “There is nothing original or even entertaining about Home Alone 4 as it recycles gags with no charm at all.” SharpRatings: 3 - #Bad First two movies are gold, there is no arguing about that, and the third one is debatable. #HomeAlone4 stumbles from story and characters of #HomeAlone3 and goes back original character Kevin McCallister but this time it’s played by #MikeWienberg. How movies after first two lacked the energy and presence of #MacaulayCulkin. I also liked how films still went on without him, tried to different things yet staying weakly close by imitating plots, gags and moments from original two. This is poor film as remake or even as sequel because they redesigned characters and stories from first two movies while blatantly ignoring them too. This is not the same McCallister family we saw. When you treat it as something different, something new, rather than as part of a series, it's really quite good. There is really only one major thing that it has in common with the others, and that is that they all involve a kid setting up a bunch of traps to stop criminals. But the traps too, are different in many ways, often more complex, and the way they end is almost the opposite from the other movies. However many of scenes are pretty seen-it-all. I would just about guarantee that if it had been given a different name and was treated as a new movie, rather than as the 4th in the series, it would have had a significantly higher rating but weight of Home Alone franchise sunk this movie huge time. All in all, there is literally nothing to like as Home Alone fan you will be disappointed watching classic character being reused poorly, there are few good scenes which are under many bad ones.
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Friday night means movie 🎥 night in bed, hmmmmm what shall I watch 🤔
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Wonder Woman (2017) | Dir: Patty Jenkins.
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Picked up latest Total Film. Wouldn't mind seeing Pacific Rim Uprising, first one was really enjoyable. #totalfim #pacificrim #johnboyega #movie #movies #movielover #moviefanatic #film #films #filmmagazine
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