Sometimes it takes ten shots to get one good photo when your subjects are wiggly puppies. Swipe right for an “expectation vs reality” of most puppy photoshoots! . . . This is my entry for the #derpydogsquad contest hosted by @plaidandpetunia, @greentroutoutfitters, and @harborhoundco!
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💕 Guys do you think it would be cool to make a thank you video for David/Mulder too. I feel bad for leaving him out and Gillian got so much love last week. Let me know your thoughts and if you'd join. #gilliananderson #scully #danascully #xfiles #thexfiles #xfilesrevival #followme #followforfollow #likeforlikes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #DavidDuchovny #Mulder #FoxMulder #meme #memes
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THE X FILES 1993-2018 It has been 25 years since the X-Files has started - 25 years ago that these amazing advetures began that we all tuned in for. I've been watching the X-Files for as long as I can remember, and it pains me to see it go. Through the 200+ episodes and 2 movies, why wouldn't it? The X-Files has always been a huge part of my life and has inspired me (and many others) to take a stand and start their career. It has inspired us to believe and to be skeptical, to be cautious and to be adventurous. It is through these 25 years that we have shared this amazing adventures with @davidduchovny and @gilliana, 25 years that cannot be put into words. We can only thank these two wonderful actors for shining their flashlights in our way, illuminating our path, and inspiring us along the way. We can only thank them for all of their time and effort well-spent in this show, for we can never say thank you enough for all the tears, laughter, and heart-pounding moments the show has brought us. While it is heart-wrenching to see such an amazing show finally conclude, it could not end on a better note. The show will pose lasting effects on today's society as it questions theories, inspires careers, and begs the questions we've all been asking. It has brought joy and sadness to us, but we wouldn't of spent around 9,000 minutes any other way. Heres to 25 years, thank you. I will always believe. #thexfiles #xfiles #foxmulder #mulder #scully #danascully #mulderedit #foxmulderedit #danascullyedit #scullyedit #mulderschooly #thankyouforthexfiles #iwanttobelieve #iwanttobelieve👽 #iwillalwaysbelieve #trustno1 #blessed #thexfilesedit Thank you to @scully.and.mulder for letting me repost your amazing edit (6th), and astounding work to Katrin Depp (YouTube) for her absolutely amazing edit (Touchstone).
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💔 "I'll always be his father.. I realized. Even if my blood isn't his, even if he doesn't even look like me, I'll always be his father. Because I've learnt to love him, to care about him, and dreamt about all of the things we could have done, and learnt together, as father and son. He's gonna always be my boy." - #foxmulder #mulder #agentmulder #foxfreakingmulder #thexfiles #thexfilesforever #thexfilesfanfiction #fanfic
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idk what happened with that last transition lmfao but I love them !! ac: chaoti.cs
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