Had a great time at our @foodtoeat Celebrate Women in Food panel this week. It was an amazing night of conversation and #empowerment. Special thanks to our panelists! @spotsnyc @MyKitchenNY @kingdavidtacos #womeninfood #womenshistorymonth ——————- March is Women's History Month. It's a time during which we celebrate the great contributions that women have made, and are continuing to make, in our country and across the world. At FoodtoEat, part of our mission is to tell our vendor's stories. This month it is especially important to tell the stories of the woman-owned businesses that we work with, to hear their stories and to understand the experience of being a woman in the food industry. There’s still a long way to go to achieve true gender parity and it’s important for everyone to continue to attend events like this to 1) to spotlight and honor amazing women in different industries; and 2) create an open dialogue about how each of us can work towards a balanced society. The responsibility is on each of us – women and men alike – to hold one another accountable when it comes to this issue. We can only have progress when we as women support one another, and our male counterparts understand their role in breaking down the institutional barriers preventing #progress. #pressforprogress
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You can’t do #happyhour without #caprese skewers! Tell us: what’s your go to #snack for the happy hour party menu?! 🍕🍗🍪🍿🍤🌮#appetizers #partytime #fridaynightfun
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Happy almost weekend my friends, hope you're making some fun plans and getting into the mood for Spring!
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• Do not miss to have This deliciously delicious Almond chocolatine, in Pondicherry • #MyEats #Desserts . What?: Almond Chocolatine Where?: Baker Street, Pondicherry 🥐
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So we’re just gonna pretend that this recipe isn’t my favorite blondies recipe simply stuffed with Easter candy and given a new name, ok? Cool, it’s a plan. Also, did you know that Cadbury mini eggs came in white chocolate, ’cause I certainly didn’t? I had them on my list for this recipe when I was grocery shopping the other day so I grabbed a bag of what I thought were the only kind of “Cadbury mini Eggs” that they made. How was I supposed to know they had options? Clearly I missed the following part that said “white eggs”.
13 hours ago
Month 3. I was craving food with an oriental twist and ended up ordering via #ubereats @kentrestaurant1200 😚 I had: Ezme Salatasi, Karisik Izgara, and Sac Tava. The perfect fare after my workout! 🏋️💪 . #paleo #paleolifestyle #lowcarbpaleo #lowcarb #lchf #newyearsresolution #healthylifestyle #itsalifestylenotadiet #keto #ketogenic #goingstrong #foodblogger #foodblogger_at #foodie #vienna #tasty #myeats #myfood #viennarestaurant #ubereats #kentrestaurant #orientalfood
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I’d say one of the best parts of this dish is that it’s so fast and easy. I know I say this about a lot of recipes, but I can never pass up celebrating a quick meal after spending years now trying some not-so-fast recipes. This is coming from the girl who’s tried to make pretty much everything the long way. I mean, if we’re talking about slow-cooker meals, that’s a different story, but I’m referring to those meals that need like two or three days of planning ahead. This dinner takes right around 30 minutes and the only unusual ingredient is the Thai basil, which may not even be that unusual to some of you. The rest of the list are all things that are pretty common in Stir-fry dishes so they should be familiar.  I hope you enjoy this one!
18 hours ago
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