Do yourself a favor and take 65 minutes to watch two amazing #icons, #davidletterman and #president #barrackobama, #44 on the #netflix original #MyNextGuest.
5 hours ago
Thought I'd share that David Letterman is finally back on TV with a new show on Netflix and he's funny as ever. His first guest is President Obama. What a cordial and insightful talk. Check out these two gentle giants if you can and start your week on a positive and hopeful tone. #mynextguest #DavidLetterman #Netflix
7 hours ago
Something for the #weekend! . @netflixuk keep bringing the goods! The content gets better and better. . I loved the Obama X Letterman interview. What a combination 👌🏽 #MyNextGuest 👑 #conversation #davidletterman #barackobama #netflixandgrow
13 hours ago
@womensmarch_2018 🖤💗 “If we can not now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” -JFK 🇺🇸 @registertovote because it matters. You can also go to #speakup • • I also highly suggest watching David Letterman’s new series called My Next Guest. The premiere featured Barack Obama. Put your political affiliations aside. It was so interesting to hear what the former President had to say about the last decade of his life and the current political climate. And David Letterman felt raw and tender to me. You see a man, now, latter in his life who is humbled and deeply interested in telling stories that may help, in some small way, shift the tide towards the shores of love and justice. @netflix #davidletterman #mynextguest 📷 @betfeng 🙏🙏 see my stories for a link to the show. • • • #washingtondc #dc #nyc #momblogger #microinfluencer #influencer #spiritualteacher #journalist #connecticutblogger #davidletterman #womensmarch #inspirationalquotes #tv #news #blacklivesmatter
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Netflix, thank you for David Letterman. David Letterman, thank you for President Obama - oh how I’ve missed him 😢😍🤗 #mynextguest #howbethseesit #presidentobama #obama #netflix #davidletterman #intelligent
22 hours ago
1 day ago
The way that I miss this man as my president. Real tears 😔😔😔😔 #POTUS #AlwaysMyPresident #Obama #weekendvibes #weekend #saturday #MyNextGuest #Letterman
1 day ago
Just watched the first ep of David @Letterman’s new show on #Netflix. An hour’s chat with @BarackObama, the only politician I truly fangirl over in every sense of the word. An incredible, intelligent, moving, entertaining, inspiring thing to watch. Look it up! // Photo credit: another idol of mine, @petesouza +++ #DavidLetterman #BarackObama #goodstuff #inspiration #MyNextGuest
1 day ago
"She was very proud of the fact that my eyebrows were strong" President Barack Obama regarding his mother Ann Dunham's feelings about his brows. I'm watching 'My Next Guest' by David Letterman on Netflix this morning waking up knowing I'm attending the Women's March in Oakland in a couple of hours. I thought this quote was funny and also interesting. This was a smart, driven women who actually helped to build the microeconomics within groups of struggling women who were creating goods and not getting paid what they were worth. How is this still the case from top to bottom amongst our gender?! I think I turned this on for the reminder of what it was like to hear a man of power speak eloquently regarding issues that effect all of us who was raised by a woman who instilled core values in her son. I miss that immensely! Also, let's not forget, a strong set of brows that let everyone know exactly what he was brows do. #strongbrows #presidentobama #davidletterman #anndunham #womensmarch #mynextguest #imissthisman
1 day ago
Vocês sabem que eu AMO os Estados Unidos, não sabem? Pois aí vão outros amores meus: Barack Obama & David Letterman. ❤️ ABENÇOADA seja a Netflix por ter o seu mais novo especial: “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” ✨📹 trazendo entrevistas ilustres conduzidas pelo meu apresentador preferido (Dave 😍) e convidados que certamente fazem jus ao título. E sabem quem foi o primeiro entrevistado? Ele! Um dos melhores presidentes da história, que honrou a posição que teve e que faz falta, todos os dias. Obama! 🇺🇸 AMEI cada minuto e já não vejo a hora de assistir aos próximos episódios! 🤗🤗 #davidletterman #barackobama #mynextguest #interview #netflix #amazing #lovingit #dicadajo
1 day ago
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