“I really wanna kiss you, man. Well goodnight, man. I love you though. You know that...I do love you.” - Mike Waters, My Own Private Idaho 1999 #riverphoenix #keanureeves #myownprivateidaho #quote
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Part 2 of my tribute to My Own Private Idaho, 2004. I'm an obsessive fan of River Phoenix and Gus Van Sant. I found this kid on the street who was perfect for Keanu Reeves' role. I paid him with a 6-pack. #myownprivateidaho #riverphoenix #gusvansant #intimacy #campfirescene #ireallywannakissyouman
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(s)crap of rio💘💞 i love river sm lol - (THIS TOOK ME 15 MINUTES DONT COME @ ME THanks) omg but i had the idea to do a plotwist from the new it to the old it cause u don’t fuck with the originals💅🏾 - tags to ignore: #riverphoenix #riverphoenixedit #coreyhaim #coreyhaimedit #jonathanbrandis #jonathanbrandisedit #80s #myownprivateidaho #keanureeves
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Okay am I the only one tooootally getting River vibes? I'm in love with this photo man 💞
11 hours ago
🖼️ The Mosquito Coast 🖼️ - - - - what crazy news I've heard today! Dango Mango for sure. Had a lovely morning, waking up before the alarm and didn't need to fix a whole lot cuz I ate so much the night before. Just a yummy smoothie. Found out on my drive to school that our director was sick and come to find out our teacher was was out sick too! So i got to work on English HW And stats, so great start to my day. Quiz in stats is getting moved back wed. And im actually starting to get it, i really think so this time! Current events in gov and a easy peasy lemon worksheet. Currents events for once were finally decent. At least the first guy did a 10/10 job. Really took his own stance, and i appreciated that. Then instead of a nice dandy lunch, we had a mandatory meeting for the student production and the worst fell upon us. We can't do the show. The producer took back the rights and we know have 5 weeks to pull some crazy shit and have a show! Honestly this is one of those "you gotta run with the punches" type of deal. Im bummed sure, but excited that we all have to really work together to make things happen. Its all a big adventure and learning experience as we go on! Our director is the sweetest tho and i gave her a hug, she works herself way too much and in such a humble respectable, honoring way. 5th period i passed my essay and did super shit on the multi choice, but im living life here!! Got home to discover, my dad chained up his bike twice. Rats! I ended up going on a run, and to my surprise is wasn't a bad as usual, I had great time and flow and I'm proud of myself! sitting a little while for i have more time to, then i thought. And watched some lovely videos from one of the most amazing people if ever met. I met her in a different lifetime, a time when she was just a cruise teen club adviser, she was so lovely then, and the videos she shares proves it now. I swear her smile could bring a dead animal back to life. Muffin, I will never forget you! Making me extra happy! Just gotta finish up the data sheets for ap lit and ill be on my way. Looking forward to reading, wim hof method, and to pad Thai tomorrow!! #riverphoenix #themosquitocoast #harrisonford
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I love him and how he looks in this movie and his acting was amazing 👌🏻✨🥀 • • • How is everyone doing? • • **not my edit** #riverphoenix #riverjudephoenix #riverphoenixedit #river #phoenix #myownprivateidaho #edit #rjp #rip #keanureeves #70s #80s #90s #peace #love #beautiful #narcolepsy
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1.#threebillboardsoutsideebingmissouri 2017 2.#calvary 2014 3. #La Ciénaga #2001 4.#Lilja 4-ever #2002 5. #myownprivateidaho 1991 @cinema_dream
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purest angel dt: @phxenix.mp4 (obsessed with your edits rn) ac: hiraied ib everyone pretty much
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