Thank you to everyone for taking time from their lives to make this the best birthday a girl could ask for -- and for making me schlep these balloons all over town. You are my world and I am the luckiest ❤️
8 months ago
Too stubborn to ask for directions but luckily the scenic route had no bears 🐻
6 months ago
2 minutes ago
Travelling is assumed to be an easy task with worldly pleasures associated to it. We consider it a leisurely stroll that gives us splendid pictures and awesome stories too easily. Let me tell you something, we need to revisit our assumptions. . Travelling to places requires endurance of the highest order. We unlearn and learn. We face a barrage of questions. We are stared upon. We are in a no man’s land where we need certain survival instincts to live a day longer. We may not find a tarmac stretch in remote areas. We need to have the stamina to endure a back breaking ride. We may encounter some of the steepest inclines to reach a certain place above the hill. We are required to have done certain preparations before the trek to meet these challenges. We are at a place which has no toilets. We need to be a sport and embrace such situations with enthusiasm. There are instances where a bowl of dal chawal is relished with delight while we frown upon them at our home. A small packet of glucose biscuits turns out to be our saviour in certain situations. Reaching a certain destination requires treading a path untreaded. . Many of us believe that living a life travelling places is a luxury to be envied upon. Yes, we are content souls who understand to live life in the rawest manner possible as we travel places. Yet, we fail to realize that capturing pictures and posting them on social media hasn’t been achieved overnight. We have treaded along some of the toughest paths with resistance from different corners and sacrifices in certain pleasures to get them picture perfect.
3 minutes ago
Astro photography - exploring and encouraging all the genres in the art of light painting - photography :) - student work - photo by @rakesh.sarma #astrophotography #astro #astrologia #astronomy #nasa #isro #photography #photographer #thiruvanmiyur #thiruvanmiyurbeach #photo #insta #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #landscape #astronomia #photooftheday
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