😡😡 lmao happy belated #NationalComingOutDay
6 days ago
I don't think I can take non #prompto selfies anymore. With @redhoteast for #nationalcomingoutday #πŸ³οΈοΈβ€πŸŒˆ #canoneos
6 days ago
Apparently, I missed National Coming Out Day. I forgot to post "happy national coming out day!" with 🌈's. Funny, when I think of coming out it's like "oh yeah I'm coming out every day!" As a sparkly πŸ¦„ , fire cracker πŸ‰, nomadic 🐱, hopeful romantic cuddle 🐻, transformational πŸ¦‹! Pansexual, sapiosexual, demisexual! Witchy shape shifter, teleporter, alchemist of dark and light! Traveling coach currently on a speaking tour to give lectures on my Orgasmic journey towards healing and self love. I come out everyday. By choice. #loveoutcomeout I'm coming out now as an Empowerment "Come Out" coach. I've done work to remove my layers one by one so I can reveal who I truly am. And in that grueling process, I know how to meet you where you are, and work with you to get you to come out and BE as you are, unmasked. Why? So we can live, play, and breathe in our own skin, excavate beneath the surface of pretend. So we can be passionate plugs of joy following our delight and receiving what we actually want to call in! I don't know, world peace? πŸ™ŒπŸ™βœŒοΈ In truth, everyone in this 🌎, inside and outside the norm, all tastes of the 🌈, can do with some coming out. Out of their shell, ego, masks, expectation. 🎭 Funny, I used to die in the inside from "saving face" Now I get to glow with my rainbow 🌈 pouring from my insides out. Your turn! The world is waiting for you to come out and shine. What have you got to lose? Book a session with me today and receive 10% off coaching package. DM for details!! Link to my speaking tour in profile! #loveoutcomeout πŸ¦„πŸ‰πŸ˜»πŸ»πŸ¦‹
6 days ago
Met the cardboard cutouts of the cast of Will & Grace last night! 😱 Listen for my laugh in the future episode about Will getting a Senior Partner position & Grace gaining a huge hotel client.
6 days ago
I hope everyone had a beautiful #comingoutday. Coming out can be brave and beautiful and empowering and a relief - but it can also be scary and dangerous and unsafe. So if you’re not ready to come out, or you can’t, that is okay. You are worthy and valued and loved. #nationalcomingoutday #comingout #selfcare #selflove #safety #youridentityisvalid #youareloved #youarebeautiful #protectqueerkids #protecttranskids #protectqueeryouth #yoursexualrevolution #sexcoach #hireasexcoach #sexcoachleigh
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7 days ago
#OutMagazine's 25th anniversary party. #NationalComingOutDay
6 days ago
channeling my inner @catarambulo ✈️ #nationalcomingoutday
8 days ago
Heres 2 for one ...#tbt and #nationalcomingoutday🌈 years ago i did a movie against my representatives wishes . They thought it would ruin my career because I was playing a gay character, and I simply saw an amazing script playing a very cool woman in an extremely great story. And I got to do it with the fabulous @jennifertilly , my pal still to this day. I was very proud of the work we all did for the intensely talented visionaries, Wachowski brothers ( now sisters) .proud because of the reaction from So many women. They told me that the film " helped them Come Out" . So thank you Wachowski's. You both are truly amazing human beings. #bound #nationalcomingoutday #honoryourtruth #corkyandvioletforever
6 days ago
I love this edit, follow @jylanxo for more like thisπŸ’– #nationalcomingoutday -Sophie🌈 @jackson_krecioch @dylangeick
6 days ago
Happy Belated #nationalcomingoutday , so happy to have have spent it with the girls last night! #thegaylist #asthegaysturn #thegaysandtherestless #thegaysofourlives
6 days ago
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