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Adorable animals with adorable humans on @kitv4 with @yelphawaii @thepublicpet @jordansegundo ❤️ #yelphawaii #nationalpuppyday #yelplife #yelp #kitv4 I really want to have another baby, but when I hold a puppy I think that maybe we should do this instead. People tell me to get both and I tell them: “You don’t have children do you? Babies suck everything out of you. Literally. It’s called breast feeding.” One day when my kids are all grown I’ll get a dog because I want to be emotionally available rather than overcommitted. I’ll probably be the lady with her dog in a baby carriage, you know the one we currently make fun of who goes to our nail salon. I’ll probably dress my dog up in costumes and spend insane amounts of money on his food. I’ll probably love him more than my grown children because he’s loyal like Hatchi and always wants to be by my side. Wait, why do I want to have a baby again? I really need to reconsider this whole plan. #emihart #myhappinessguide
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