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Until yesterday, I was already in Kuala Lumpur several times, but I did not find time to stay there even for a couple of days .. Finally, I was able to do it👌🏾 Impressions the city left ambiguous 🤔 Huge metropolis, but for pedestrians there are no sidewalks, or they are in a terrible state .. There are a lot of machines, so the city is quite noisy. Construction projects are not stopping around. By the way, in Kuala Lumpur a new zdnanie is built, which should be higher in height than the Patronas Tower Well, in parallel, they are building residential skyscrapers, offices, business centers and other facilities .. The city is developing by leaps and bounds. But what surprised me most is the number of Hindus in the city ... They are everywhere. Absolutely. Indian sellers, Indian taxi drivers, workers at the construction site are also Indians .. Parkers, cleaners, stevedores .... Around India😯 Straight on the road, they put up tents and cook food there, here they stand (on the roadway !!) tables and people behind them are eating. Dust is flying, cars are trying to pass. People eat, food is cooked. I was shocked. When I went to this city, my views were rife with little others .. I represented a civilized, clean city, like Singapore.. People are not very polite and almost do not smile. There are often Europeans living here .. What they forgot there, it's not clear, apparently they work here .. In general, the impressions I have left ambiguous .. More about the famous, revolving restaurant, the towers Patronas and lifhakas, which you need to know if you are going to visit the city, I will write in the following posts. In the meantime, I will go back to repairing my legs, which are erased to the knee, tk I went to Kuala on his heels ... Girls are such girls ..💁🏽 RUS🇷🇺⬇️ #place#merrychristmasyafilthyanimal#windycity#winecountry#winteriscoming#windowview#castle#castles#celebrate#love_nature#wallpaper#walkingstreet#mountainview#mountaingirl#mountainman#mountainadventures#adventuretravel#lovetravel#momentsofmine#naturewalk#splashmood#paradis#oceandrive#oceanbeach#balidaily#hotellife#skylover#girlsdayout#wonderfulllife##peoples
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#ЯМЕНЯЮМИРФОТОГРАФИИ2 с @WHITEPHOTOSCHOOL “ Решила поучаствовать с сыном в конкурсе от школы в которой когда-то училась ❤️ мой космический мальчик @chizhik_sergey 💞
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🇬🇧🇬🇧Beautiful day yesterday, TAG A FRIEND who loves the sun🏝️☀️
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