#Pakistani link with #Corruption, Nawaz sharif &Zardari are political #Prostitutes they can easily sell their daughter,Mother,sister for Money? Pakistani system need to upgrade. #Pakistani entire system has been politicized, nothing ever seen to escape nation wide Net #Corruption, Nepotism & #corruption is Become Fashion in Pakistan Coz of Systematic Corruption Pakistan is A Safe Haven For #Terrorists I strongly Condemned Terrorism, #Corruption, #Nepotism.
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Do what you love, with the people you love for the ones you love. cc: @joerobinsonapx @apxstudios_
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I see a lot of people that say they made it by themselves everything they have they got it on their own and from struggle and this and that. For many years that's how I told my story. Everything I wanted to do I did, every job I wanted I got, the Degrees I wanted I got, The type of schools I wanted to go to I went, where I wanted to live I lived (I got money and had a thing for the hood, and I'm not from the hood😌🤷🏽‍♀️😎)😂😂 that's another story. License and certificates I got them. I did what I wanted, I still do what I want now, I got out of major consequences. Everything my son wanted he got, the schools I wanted him in he went to. The Cars I wanted I got, All because of one person @50Cent. He has been in my life for many years and no matter how much shit I talk about him or to him I can do that it's always Love and I am always thankful and appreciative for him. A lot of people would try to figure out how i did what I was doing I made it look easy when others was struggling to do it and falling flat on their face and me never saying who I had in my corner, I didn't have to I was always thankful, I don't feel bad about having who I had but People will try to copy for good reason and burn themselves. I see a lot of people giving their stories making it look easy like I did for many years but truth is a lot of y'all got people. For instance #rappers that have writers and other people that have backed them. Everybody don't make it for a reason. They have "that" person. All these "Bosses" that started businesses by themselves but had people backing them with money or flat out gave them money or the business. It's so much fakery and untold but I'm sure you get my drift. If you got somebody doing for you to put out don't talk about nobody copying you!!!! If you jacked somebody else's style don't complain when it's done to you!!! Tell your story how you choose but when y'all out here complaining about Fake #Love Get up off that #Fake Story and then you will see your Real Love. Your basically gettin what you give🤷🏽‍♀️!!! #50cent #Keepinitreal 🎯💯 #music #money #bosses #nepotism #ImSpoiled and I'm not complaining.
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