Am I the only person who wants to see Eddie and Kath dancing to "Can I Have This Dance?" From HSM 3 in a different film? . . . . . . . Ze Tags: #EddieRedmayne #KatherineWaterston #FantasticBeasts #TinaGoldstein #PorpentinaGoldstein #NewtScamander #TinaScamander #PorpentinaScamander #NewTina #NewtXTina #Edrine #EddRine #EddieAndKatherine
8 hours ago
From Outlaws , I love her style in this short film . . . . . . . . . . . . #fantasticbeasts #katherinewaterston #tinagoldstein #porpentinagoldstein #porpentinascamander #newtxtina #newtina
8 hours ago
NEW: David Yates discusses the #WizardingWorld in France for the next FBAWTFT movie!
9 hours ago
NEW: According to David Yates, director of The Crimes of Grindelwald, the French term for a muggle is “Non-Magique” - What do you think of this term? Do you prefer “muggle”, “no-maj” or “non-magique”? - (Reposted to look slightly more aesthetically pleasing!)
9 hours ago
Lil Nootie 😍😍😍 Like, seriously, I have no caption to type 😂 • Posting in the morning cuz im crazy. • @fantasticbeasts.fanpage
9 hours ago
“Tina and Queenie are each other’s family, they’re each other’s everything.” - Alison Sudol - Filter credit: @ghostlyfilters
11 hours ago
• entertainment weekly‘s pop fest q&a - october 30th, 2016 ———————————————————————————————— one of my fave pictures of her ever and i don’t even know why. 🤷🏻‍♀️
14 hours ago
it would be like Super cool if y’all tag me when u repost bc !!! it would promote my acc more n Attention gives me Validation literally i live for attention?? at least i’m honest :0 also i would appreciate it if you don’t send me any poetry on sarahah (questions n things u wanna say are okay!!) bc my wifi is bad rn n i’m getting spammed :/// x
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