aye welcome... this sucks but it my first one EVER iโ€™ll work on them
2 minutes ago
If you guys want to ask me anything else you can dm me or comment. - tags: #nichememe #nichememes #tagyourself #memestarterpack #tumblr #femenistmemes #aesthetic #explore #explorepage
38 seconds ago
i have not posted in so long i feel absolutely terrible. thanks for staying with me though! & is this a face reveal??? my face looks so pink because of the filter omg
1 minute ago
time magazine did a thing and i think itโ€™s rlly cool !! ( #memes #nichememes #tumblrmemes )
1 minute ago
Hello nice to meet u this is my first niche meme how is your day
48 minutes ago
I sneezed like 2181617 times today, istg if I sneeze one more time I will kms
3 minutes ago
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