it's not done, i'm still adding more clips and shakes, along w/ darker effects and more masking. BUT YEAH THIS IS JUST THE BASIC OVERVIEW OF THE FIRST PART OF THE INTRO. i need to pick another coloring because this one is too dark smh @epouvanter
4 hours ago
THIS VIDEO MAKES ME SO SOFT LIKE THIER SO CUTE AW , anyways it also makes me sleepy ,, cause i had a dance performance today and 4 hours of work so i’m gonna sleep but i hope you all had a good day today !! 😓😓 goodnight #openrp #ninadobrevrp
9 hours ago
ok last but not least ,, i love you camTASTIC im sorry that i can’t fucking shape clay :(((((((((( MAKE MY PLATE FOR ME I JUST WANNA PAINT IT. goodnight. #openrp #ninadobrevrp #scarlettleitholdrp #singlerp
9 hours ago
Legit all of my followers are inactive besides like 100 of them but they don’t like or do shit so fuck
13 hours ago
I'm sorry for this rant but how dare they ruin any chance of mon el and Kara getting back together like ughhhh why'd he have to get all old and married to someone else like UGHHHHH omg and people who don't watch this show probably think ima crazy person so I apologize for that but i am beyond frustrated • •credit to: multizorel • • • • • #openrp #closedrp #cleanrp #dirtyrp #straightrp #tvdrp #thevampirediariesrp #tvdroleplay #thevampirediariesroleplay #boredrp #rp #torp #elenagilbertrp #ninadobrevrp #anyrp #theoriginalsrp #pllrp #maiaisamazingandwaysexierthanme
14 hours ago
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