Mit diesem Bild möchte ich mich bei @kennethkronholm bedanken!!! Damit hast du mir meine immer wieder schwierige Wahl der Trikotbeflockung auf jeden Fall abgenommen!!! Ich hätte mir nie Träumen lassen, das mein Freund und ich einmal deine persönlichen Handschuhe besitzen würden! Danke, Legende😍😍😍 #nohomo #unfassbar #kennethkronholm #legendary #training #tausenddank
10 minutes ago
14 minutes ago
Uff.. wie ich dieses Mädchen liebe❤️ Nur mein💍 “Mein Mädchen“❤️❤️ #nohomo
32 minutes ago
Oregairu ❤️❤️❤️
35 minutes ago
I still can't believe it has been a little over 2 months since we first met, really felt like years bro. I guess this is what you call chemistry. Similar in some ways and different in others but the connection is real. You've taught me alot in and out of the gym. About the grind, about friendships and relationships, about discerning rumours and politics etc. Thank you especially for being there with me at my darkest moment and always keeping me grounded with your advices and scoldings. This prep is for you brother. I'll continue to outwork you dont worry. All the best for uni Down Under! 💪🏼 #bromance #nohomo
57 minutes ago
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