A stairway, stairway to heaven.
3 hours ago
After another amazing month of eating all the authentic Thai food I could get my little hands on, I’ve just arrived in Northern India to spend over a month on my yoga and meditation practice!... So basically I’m just out here trying to manifest an Eat, Pray, Love type scenario. (P.S. but really- SO EXCITED for the naan!!) 😋💖🍽️🧘🏼‍♀️
8 hours ago
Words lie, actions don’t. Jan/18 - Colombo
8 hours ago
Some flowers for someone special 🌷 sorry for don't posting i have been busy { Modelo: @holaaaa_si }
2 days ago
All of my love. 💝☺️
2 days ago
Are you on an adventure this weekend? Love to hear about it, 👇👇👇👇 ————— I'm away on a photo adventure for a few days hitting the forests, beaches and getting in some action sports too. Hope to live stream some of the journey so keep an eye on your Instagram peoples 👍😊
3 days ago
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