White Supremacist Spotted in New York #shame #fascism #nosoupforyou
15 hours ago
Too many #heirloomtomatoes @ramaglia_chef
19 hours ago
No soup for you! Seinfeld fans will know what I am talking about. The site of Seinfeld's The Soup Nazi. #soupnazi #nosoupforyou #totheexteemeleft #seinfeld #seinfeldseights #newyork #originalsoupman #travels #sights #moviesights #iamanerd #totravelistolive #travelgram #f4f
19 hours ago
Tidsy decided to pose for my meme/rant other than that she had no meaning to this rant below lol ...i don't have to sale to You! Lol! I only sell my geckos to approved homes...aka I produced these guys this is my hobby my geckos. I do not do this as a business would I like it to he a business someday? Yes, kind of. Yes because that would be so cool to live off of doing what i love! but "kind of" because how I sale now to how I sale then wont change. I'll still refuse to sell to certain homes. I reserve that right as a pet owner of these guys first and foremost. So telling me that I just lost a customer does not bother me in the slightest. Ask any of those who have bought from me I'm easy to work with but i am very passionate I won't deny That. I base good homes on their care being the same they get here or even better! Yes, I know that eco earth and coco fiber all throughout the homes isnt anywhere near as bad as sand esp when sifted...i still don't like the idea of it and warn people constantly about it and don't like the idea of the geckos I sold being on it like that (however a large moist hide they can leave from when they'd like on their own accord im fine with). That's my prerogative and its okay if i lose your business I probably did not want it in the first place lol! It humors me greatly when people think im going to turn around and grovel at their feet... #nosoupforyou!
19 hours ago
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