This is what a negative iq looks like
4 days ago
Nick Saban got over 20,000 votes for Alabama state senate. I’m disappointed he should’ve got more. #nicksabanforsenate #notmysenator
5 days ago
5 days ago
I would like to release an official statement on the election. I am very disapointed in my state (Alabama) for not voting in judge Roy Moore. To those who voted for Moore, i thank you for helping his campaign and for voting for a true republican. I hope for the best for Alabama and its people - OBNN CEO. #notmysenator
5 days ago
#notmysenator. I have not been this mad about an election since the 2012 presidential election. My home state voted for a Liberal Democrat. I will have a full rant tomorrow about this frigging race!!
5 days ago
I try not to get too political, but seriously how is he winning? Feeling a little disgusted with some of the human race. #alabama #notmysenator #roymoore #politics #politicsasusual
6 days ago
Thanks for your service Al, you fucking perverted predatory clown. Even at your last hour you didn’t have the spine to acknowledge that you are part of the problem. #alfranken #notmysenator #youarenotwellstone #championofwomen #progressive
11 days ago
Why wait until tomorrow Al? #alfranken #notmysenator
12 days ago
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