Artis Jo Hines, Jr @johinesjr painting the iconic mural of Alton Sterling on the building of Triple S Food Mart where #altonsterling was killed. Listen closely and you'll here crying of one of Alton's family members. #thedayafter2016 #tda2016 #altonsterling #comingsoon #staytuned #triplesfoodmart #batonrouge #prayformycity #prayforbatonrouge #philandocastile #johonesjr #artistsoninstagram #spraypaintart #graffiti #graffitiart #7.5.17 #documentary #documentarian #notsolongago #nsla
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Not so long ago Denver Smith and Leonard Brown were taking part in a peaceful, unarmed protest at HBCU Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. Protests were ongoing as students fought for a greater voice in school affairs and the resignation of certain administrators. Several student protesters had been arrested the previous night, and the students who entered the administration building on November 16, 1972, sought their release. State police and sheriff’s deputies entered the administration building with firearms and tear gas. Smith and Brown were shot to death by buckshots during a mass demonstration. Louisiana’s governor, Edwin Edwards, ordered the campus closed and declared a state of emergency for Baton Rouge, claiming that these “militant” students posed a threat. National Guard troops and police wearing riot gear patrolled Southern University. The campus was closed for two months after the fatal shootings. Sheriffs denied shooting the young men; Governor Edwards said the fatal shots might have accidentally come from the deputies’ guns, however the official report by State Attorney General William Gust determined that the shots came from a sheriff’s deputy but it couldn’t prove which deputy fired the shot. The students’ deaths remain unsolved and no one has ever been charged. Four decades after their murder Southern University honored the two by awarding them posthumous degrees. #denversmith #leonardbrown #hbcu #swac #southernuniversityjaguars #southernumassacre #southernuniversity #edwinedwards #protest #batonrouge #posthumousdegree #williamgust #notsolongago #nsla
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Igbo (Ebo) Landing is a historic site at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia. In 1803 one of the largest mass suicides of enslaved people took place when Igbo captives from what is now Nigeria were taken to the Georgia coast. In May 1803, the Igbo and other West African captives arrived in Savannah, Georgia, on the slave ship the Wanderer. They were purchased for an average of $100 each by slave merchants John Couper and Thomas Spalding to be resold to plantations on nearby St. Simons Island. During the voyage, approximately 75 Igbo slaves rose in rebellion, took control of the ship, drowned their captors, and in the process caused the grounding of the ship in Dunbar Creek. The sequence of events that occurred next remains unclear. It is known only that the Igbo marched ashore, singing these words led by their high chief: "The Water Spirit brought us, the Water Spirit will take us home". They thereby accepted the protection of their god and chose death over the alternative of slavery. At the high chief's direction, they walked into the marshy waters of Dunbar Creek, committing mass suicide. A white overseer on a nearby plantation wrote the first account of the incident. He and another man identified recovered many of the drowned bodies. Only a subset of the 75 Igbo rebels drowned. Thirteen bodies were recovered, but others remained missing, and some may have survived the suicide episode, making the actual numbers of deaths uncertain. The mutiny and subsequent suicide by the Igbo people was called by many locals the first freedom march in the history of the United States. #igbo #ebo #igbolanding #ebolanding #dunbarcreek #nigeria #slavery #suicide #masssuicide #rebellion #plantation #westafrica #nigeria #mutiny #beyonce #lovedrought #notsolongago #nsla
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The PRUITT-IGOE is remembered today as America’s most notorious housing project. Completed in 1954, the 33 11-story buildings replaced entire neighborhoods of slums in inner city St. Louis and were initially advertised by the St. Louis Housing Authority as a paradise of “bright new buildings with spacious grounds,” indoor plumbing, and other “conveniences expected in the 20th century.” Pruitt-Igoe was to be the epitome of the modernist "segregated" high-rise. Designed on 57 acres, with 2870 units, it would be a mini city of 10,000 people, with innovation intended to foster community. The Igoe apartments were intended for whites and the Pruitt for Blacks. Yet when it became clear that whites were unwilling to move into the development due to a racist unwillingness to live alongside Black Americans, it became all black, with a median income of $2,718 (the equivalent of $25,000 today). In the mid-1950s the United States Army used motorized blowers (Operation Large Area Cover- LAC) atop the housing high-rise to spread a potentially dangerous compound into the air. St. Louis was among several test cities chosen by government contractors for the spraying of zinc cadmium sulfide, a chemical powder mixed with fluorescent particles to allow tracking. In 1994, the government said the tests were part of a biological weapons program and St. Louis was chosen because it bore some resemblance to Russian cities that the U.S. might attack. Former tenants recall summer days playing outside and seeing squadrons of green Army planes fly close to the ground and drop the powdery substance. Controversy exists as to the overall affects of the chemicals, however a lawsuit was later filed as these communities had no idea that they were the subject of testing. In 1972, the project was labeled a failure, and the buildings were dynamited in a haunting display of literal and symbolic implosion. #pruittigoe #LAC #operationlargeareacover #housingproject #stlouis #missouri #segregated #whitesonly #blacksonly #zinccadmiumsulfide #humansubjects #humanexperiments #notsolongago #nsla
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One year One trophy 🏆 #div1 #NSLA #eyebrows
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National Vanguard is an American white nationalist organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia, founded in 2005 by Kevin Alfred Strom and former members of the National Alliance. In January 2007 Strom was arrested by the FBI and Federal Marshals for child pornography related charges. In 2008 he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography. Vanguard America (VA) is also a white supremacist group. They oppose multiculturalism and believe that America is an exclusively white nation. Using a right-wing nationalist slogan, Blood and Soil, VA romanticizes the notion that people with “white blood” have a special bond with “American soil.” This philosophy first originated in Germany (as Blut und Boden) and was later popularized by Hitler’s regime. In the same vein, VA uses “For Race and Nation” as a variant slogan. Following this theme, VA maintains that America “is to be a nation exclusively for the White American peoples who out of the barren hills, empty plains, and vast mountains forged the most powerful nation to ever have existed.” Dillon Irizarry, a military veteran from New Mexico, has been leading the group since early 2016. There are small, active VA chapters in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. The standard uniform for members consists of khaki pants and a white polo. Vanguard America is active online, particularly on Twitter, but is best known for posting white supremacist fliers at universities across the country throughout the 2016-17 school year. They are believed to be involved in the riots in Charlottesville that began August 2017. In addition to distributing racist and anti-Semitic flyers, Vanguard America has directly targeted minority populations with hateful propaganda. #nationalvanguard #kevinstorm #nationalalliance #vanguardamerica #whitesupremacy #bloodandsoil #allwhiteamerica #charlottesville #virginia #khakipants #whitepolo #hitler #dillonirizarry #wakeup #staywoke #wewontforget #notsolongago #nsla #altright
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