So sorry to hear about the passing of Tom “the Z man” Zenk. Growing up on WCW wrestling I saw many Z man matches. Thank you to @whwmonday for talking about him and keeping the memory of Z man alive. Thank you Z man for your contributions to the sport of pro wrestling. Blessings and prayers to his family and friends. #tomzenk #thezman #imatomzenkguy #wcwwrestling #nwawrestling #wwf #riptomzenk
12 hours ago
I hope somewhere in Minnesota a memorial is erected with Z-Man’s motto engraved at the base.
12 hours ago
RIP Tom Zenk. The Z-Man graduated from Robbinsdale High School in 1976 with other late wrestlers Rick Rude, Curt Hennig and Brady Boone. He was 59.
12 hours ago
Rip I remember watching him win tv belt from Arn on Nwa power hour #zman #nwawrestling
13 hours ago
#butchreed #hacksawbutchreed Such an underrated wrestler. His stuff in #midsouthwrestling . Just some tremendous matches. #nwawrestling
15 hours ago
Vince’s glass of milk 🥛 is killing me. “I don’t consume alcohol and discuss scantily-clad women, Mr. Flair. But I’ve got a urologist on the payroll who can get you enough muscle juice and HGH to kill a pony if you’re interested.” 😉
15 hours ago
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