Give the gift of my books this Christmas ! Get signed copies and read your little hearts out . 👉🏼 Twin brothers Gustavo and Hector have no idea of the twists and turns they will encounter as their lives unfold. From living in an abusive home to being kidnapped and thrown into one hopeless situation to the next, they always have each other and they never give up on their quest to find happiness. For Gustavo, it's in the arms of another man, while Hector finds peace and happiness with a bombshell stripper aptly named Star. As the story unfolds, Gustavo lets the reader into his life a little at a time. He said has guards his thoughts and holds dear to him those he knows love and will never judge him-his brother and his "sister" Angel-a transsexual with a heart big enough to save everyone but herself. This transformation story takes the reader on a trip throught the life of two Mexican-American men who never let go of their childhood dreams even as they live through horrific experiences complete with rape, domestic violence, drug abuse, abandonment, murder and betrayal. Just when it seems that the brothers will finally have their happy endings,tragedy rears its ugly head to again snatch away one brother's chance at true love. The hurt and shame could make many people fall and crumble, but it can also make life that much sweeter for those who champion the obstacles placed before them. From the hoods of gritty Sacramento, California to the slick Atlanta, Georgia streets, Gustavo and Hector stick together in hopes of finding the meaning behind the heartache. #Losangeles #sanfrancisco #sandiego #sacramento #sanjose #palmsprings #monterey #santabarbara #oakland #longbeach #fresno #anaheim #bakersfield #malibu #irvine #santamonica #mountainview #paloalto #beverlyhills #pasadena #berkeley #santacruz #stockton #napa #murrieta #riverside
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✨Beauty surrounds us all the time, even in the midst of storms💦Sometimes it's a pattern, sometimes it's a smile, sometimes it's an, it is color❤️ . . #rainyday #beauty #red #leaves #naturespalette #lifeintechnicolor #findingbeauty #oakland #openyoursenses 🎥November 16, 2017
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