I was live feeding for a friend while painting so hopefully I got a decent start on it. #oils #oilpainting #fineartist #artistsoninstagram #thewaystudios
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#Sabíasque El té verde ayuda a rejuvenecer las células de tu piel 🙊🍃
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🌿GIVEAWAY🌿Want to join my Young Living team and make some extra income? Now's your chance because we're giving away a premium starter kit. We are gifting one person who wants to grow the business and is looking for a healthier lifestyle! We (@camplight_apparel , @frecklebabyllc , & @elizabethmacmurray) would be mentoring you along the way helping educate you on both the oils and business side. This is seriously such an amazing company and we can't wait to share it with you! We are looking for a self motivated person who is accessible and driven. Is that you? If so, follow the link in my profile and click "GIVEAWAY" now!! Tag your friends!! . Can't wait to get started? See one post back for our 48hr special. . This giveaway ends in 48hrs and is not sponsored by IG.
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Festive Inspirations... A beautifully #handcrafted box with 4 #iconic #Ayurvedic soaps & a hand carved soap holder that is ideal for #festive gifting! Choose a range of gifting options with Kama Ayurveda @ Harbinger of Spring - Kochi! #harbingerofspring_cochin #kamaayurveda #festival #gifts #soaps #cosmetics #oils
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Everything I touch turns to sheep. WIP #barrettcollins
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Where would your dream winter vacation be?
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The second blend in dōTERRA's new yoga trio really is happiness in a bottle 🦄. Arise is a scrumptious blend of grapefruit, lemon, osmanthus, and Siberian Fir 🌲 . It's sweet, citrusy, and incredibly uplifting. It's called the Enlightening Blend, and it really is just that. This is the one to crack open when you're faced with a challenge, and need that little bit of extra encouragement to get through it. It promotes feelings of confidence, inspiration, and joy. Recommended yoga poses to use this oil in conjunction with are standing, arms high & standing high stretch, and half moon. It's also a good one to have on hand when you're wanting to take a difficult pose to the next level. I've been diffusing this one in the morning to set the tone for the day, and will sometimes add a drop of peppermint to really up the wake-up factor👀 Only one more week until these new oils are available for purchase✨ If you don't have your wholesale account yet, let me know so that we can get you going!🙌 #oils #essentialoils #naturalhealth #natural #wellness #naturalsolutions #healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #holistic #yoga #selfcare #citrus #uplifting #enlightenment #encouragement #inspire #doterra #kootenays #nelsonbc #arise
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❤️ I have this quote in my daughter’s room. It’s one of my favorites, and has become one of hers. I hope she always knows that she can achieve anything she dreams!
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Understanding proper dilution is an important factor in safe and effective essential oil use. One of the most common concerns is the use of essential oils on children. •••••••••••••• Although sensitivities are rare when proper usage guidelines are followed with neat application, by decreasing the rate of evaporation and therefore further limiting exposure, dilution allows for an even greater margin of safety. •••••••••••• Dilution requires you use less oil for the same effect. When trying a new oil or when applying warmer oils such as Oregano or Thyme, dilution can decrease the risk for a hypersensitive reaction, reduce waste, and provide an ideal environment to discover which essential oils work best for your situation. •••••••••••• I love keeping a chart for easy reference when I'm blending and sampling. Feel free to share or tag a friend who could use this info!
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