First #slowmo vid of my #oly transition and it happens to show at brilliant #fail. Thank you #reactiontime for this cool #fail. #weightlifting @crossfit
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Adelante Barbell Club will be hosting their 2nd Annual Charity Meet on April 15, 2018! This year we will be donating our proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Link in our bio for registration. AFSP raises awareness, funds scientific research and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide. Head over to their website to learn more about their organization at This is also a great opportunity to expose yourself to the sport of powerlifting and get a feel for what a meet feels like. It's also great for those prepping for an upcoming meet to see where you're at with training. Whether you're new to lifting, or have been competing for a while, we welcome you to join and lift for a great cause! #Lift4Today If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: . . . #AdelanteBarbellClub #BarbellClub #Barbell #Powerlifting #Weightlifting #Oly #CrossTraining #Lifting #Squat #Bench #Deadlift #CleanAndJerk #Snatch #RogueFitness #Rogue #Fitness #Training #StrongestGymInUnion #ABCOhana #ABCforAFSP
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I was hoping to hit 41kg/90lbs tonight but 39kg/85 felt GREAT!!! That’s 12lbs above body weight😜💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ 💅🏼 #okurrr #snatch #oly #usaw #olympicweightlifting #forneybarbellclub #crossfitweightlifting #grindtime #fitness #youthweightlifter #olympics #kilos #lbs #staytuned #gaintrain @usa_weightlifting @crossfit @peopleareawesome @crossfit_weightlifting #champstatus
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Some thoughts from todays physical and mental training. Your back is only as weak as you allow it to be. Your vain desires are only enjoyable for a time. Even then how can you truly enjoy them? Rocked out some SSB squats for 5s then rolled in to good mornings shown here! With so many variations of the Good Morning I find using this stance with this bar provides me the most benefit in my overall strength levels. I will continue to use it for a couple months and then see where my squat and deadlift are at in comparison to the beginning of this block. #squat #hybridathlete #allsportnutrition #militarypowerlifting #militarymuscle #garagegym #garageathlete #garagegymathlete #garagegymlab #thegaragegaines #mentalhealth #strength #deadlift #bench #oly #gym #motivation #inspiration #coaching #athlete #powerlifting #powerlifter #speed #power #igfit #fitness #bodybuilding #weightlifting #training
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Singles at 90 percent today with a slight pause at the bottom so I can get comfier in my overhead position. Meet number three is almost a month away 🤗#fueledbyfruitsnacks
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For today’s #talkaboutittuesday I want to talk about progress. I have lots of people that tell me they don’t feel like they are progressing fast enough or getting better quick enough. Let me just start by saying that in the fitness world progress is a process. Yes there may be some people that are naturally more inclined to understand movement, are more flexible, and the list can go on and on but every time you step in the gym and give 100% you’re making progress! If you were to improve just 1% a day after 100 days you would have improved 100% right?!? Don’t forget that everyone gets to their desired goals at some point some people crawl, some walk, and some run but we all get there. CrossFit isn’t something that’s meant to be rushed or forced, look at your progress in technique, your progress in speed, and in understanding movements. Just because you still can’t lift 100 pounds for a clean but you can now cycle the 65lbs you could barley lift a months ago doesn’t mean you didn’t progress, that’s huge progress!!!!! Find joy in the process and in learning to be healthy for life not for a month or two to get super strong super fast or lose a ton of weight in 6 weeks. These two videos are about a year apart. The first one I could barley power snatch 95lbs (and I power snatched because I couldn’t squat snatch) the second one I hit a PR for my squat snatch of 130lbs. That did not happen over night or in a matter of a few months that happens over days, weeks, and over a year of putting daily work in and trusting the process. All you have to do is give your best and it will come! #crossfit #crossfit9110 #noexcuses #neversettle #snatch #oly #lift #wod #workout #fitness #progress
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Can’t wait to see her compete March 1st!! #Repost @katiegrayfitness with @get_repost ・・・ Less than two weeks out from the American Open and my back chooses now to start flaring up again. Yesterday it was painful to even stand but luckily Dr Ben at @alliedchiro helped me out with some dry needling and I’m starting to feel better. I decided to keep it light and just work on speed and technique today! Whatchya think coach? @kmarkel11 #fit #fitfam #weightlifting #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitness #oly #olympicweightlifting
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Final week of the barbell cycle. Didn’t get all the sets(supposed to be 5) thruster weight got a bit spicy for me. 3x1 of complex @ 190 1 clean 2 front squat 3 thrusters *got 165-180-190x3 #thruster #barbell #oly #squat #weightlifting #rocktape #liftordie #fitaid #livesore #crossfit #openseason #crossfitepping #feelbadlater #thewodlife #fnxfit #fnxfitambassador @fnx_fit @livesore @fitaid @rocktape @thewodlife @crossfit_weightlifting @crossfitepping @catalystathletics @feelbadlater @cartelink
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Today's workout was quite pumptastic! You'd have to be there! SBD Warmups: Sumo Zercher Squats 225 x 20, 405 x 1 x 3 sets Rack Pulls (below knee cap) 405, 455 & 495 x 45 secs timed Feet Up 3 ct Spoto Press 285 x 2 reps x 5 sets ------------------------------------------------------------------ Close Grip Bench 245, 195, 145, 95 (4 25s a side drop set) 5, 8, 10, 15 (set 1) 245 x 7 (set 2) 225 x 10 + 3 assisted (extended set to muscle failure) LifeFitness Military Press Machine 3 sets (6 Bilateral, 5 Unilateral reps), 2 x 5 Heavy Unilateral Incline Bench (shown) 3 sets (225 x 4-7 + 3 NEGATIVES) Weighted Dips (last set shown) 45 lbs x 5 x 5 sets x 5 secs rest 70 lbs x 5 x 4 sets x 5 secs rest 90 lbs x 5 x 3 sets (failed on set 3) x 5 secs rest Dead Stop Military Press (shown) 185 x 7 205 x 7 225 x 3, Drop 155 x 7 225 x 3 (failed 4th), Drop 155 x 7 (shown) Low Incline TIMED DB Press 65s (16,16,18); i hit a HUGE PROVERBIAL WALL at about 20 secs in, as you can see....this workout was insanely good and you only see a snippet ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ended w/ my usual daily variations for pull ups, dips, push ups, ABS, cleans and snatches; @strongisgorgeous for the win!
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