Looking at old photos from when I was in Haiti. That trip broke me in a such a good and uncomfortable way...changed my perspective on life. • We spent our time going to different schools and fed the children. Some kids tried hiding their peanut butter sandwich to try and get another one, knowing that would be their only meal that day or possibly for the next couple of days. • We went into the tent cities and got to love on the kids. These kids were so adorable! Some of them were stinkers too! • We also got to visit Mother Theresa’s orphanage. Several rooms and floors with rows of cribs, with about 30-40 cribs in each room of crying babies. Babies would cling to you because they just want to be held, when there were only so many helpers. Most of the babies get dropped off there when their mothers and fathers can’t afford to care or feed them. If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of her orphanages over there - do it. Just warning you...It will wreck you - in a good way. 😥🙏🏼 • James 1:27. ❤️
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Spending my days at this orphanage in Nepal is the best use of my time I’ve ever spent. These children are fulfilling every ounce of my soul- honestly the best kids I have ever met! #nepal #missionhimalaya #orphanage #shankhudaltar
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Indianian Color Girls From Miriam Children’s Home, Orphanage Amalapuram, in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh Second Attempt for Better (???) Cropping of a Vertical. Drat!!! #India #orphanage #peopephotography
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Meet Moges, anyone else as surprised as he is that the weekend is over? Photo courtesy of @marthinolly ©️Marthinolly
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Orphanage: 【雅1:27】在 神我们的父面前,那清洁没有玷污的虔诚,就是看顾在患难中的孤儿寡妇,并且保守自己不沾染世俗。 [NIV]Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. #orphanage #love #bibleverse #photographer #instakids #nikon #nikonphotography
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I’m sorry I have been yelled at by the other owners about not posting enough Heathers and too much Hamilton but who cares. #hamilton #hamiltonmusical #ham #hamiltonbroadway #orphan #orphanage #Eliza #elizaschuyler #AlexanderHamilton #starwarsmemes #starwars
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Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right. 🌿 . . . #tb #southafrica #lesotho #volunteering #orphanage #sunset #happiness #serenity #Iwillbeback #asiasoon
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The fiesta at the #orphanage we threw for them was a #success! The kids never had so much fun! Praise God! T❤️😘
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Serendipitous- Today, this afternoon, was amazing we had thought we would be well on our way back to #Canada #Friday but then a #obstacle. A true #blessing as there was a festival in @LosBarriles, Baja California Sur, #mexico today. A public market and art festival. And the #orphanage New Creation Kids had a table at the market. And what a blessing some of #beautiful children were there - Age range (we met) 13 months to 17 years. Many of the children’s parents are in prison or on the streets. I was holding it all together until the little one tried to kiss me. Oh my goodness had to walk away as the tears started and I did not want them to see. I am committed to serving these little beings - they have so little and yet are happy for a hug! ❤️😢❤️ BEST afternoon ever! @Mexico! With Michael Dibblee. #MiaMikluksDibblee was the star. ❤️🐾❤️ #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurlife #frockaliciouslife #success in #life, #love and #business #service #givingback #feelingblessed
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If you missed our article in the La Jolla Light earlier this year, we are excited to announce that our story has been reprinted in a number of local papers including the Carlsbad Seaside Courier and the Clairemont Connection! If you don't see it in your local paper, you can read the full article online by clicking the link in our bio!
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