Happy birthday to my beautiful friend Trisha Nagle. You are what keeps me going when NBC kills Jack Pearson, you keep me stable on days when memes aren’t enough. I love you like GrandDad loves sipping Wild Turkey out of a shot glass and I love you like Arthur loves playing 430 straight for a dollar. πŸŽ‚β€οΈ #PAlottery #bluepoloFam #highresolution #homedepotproblems #wheresTim #wheresDavid #donttellgramma #HBD #ILYLAS #butseriouslywhereareyouDavid
6 hours ago
That time in a PA Lottery commercial where an animated groundhog skates thru my legs and sets up a goal. Let’s see you try that in real life ya fur ball! Also wardrobe gave me upper body gear I think meant for Zdeno Chara.
5 days ago
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