@360jeezy I truly appreciate you, your work, your grind, your teachings etc. You've helped bring my barber game to the point it's at today. Much gratitude beloved. And not only Jeezy, @bossiocuts @jzepedathebarber I'm soaking up game from all you guys. Keep doing ya'll thang. Y'all are a great contribution to the barber community. Bless. ☮️ and ❤️ . . . ▪️Finishin'Touch▪️ MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!! #culture  #mobilebarber #mobilebarbershop #barberlife #barberlove #barbers #barber #housecalls #only #peaceandlove
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"Love don't have to be a bunch of drama."❤️❤️❤️
2 days ago
Eita mundo louco!!! Onde pessoas se preocupam demais com oq os outros vão dizer no Facebook" .....Né?! Vamos ser feliz! Isso é oq realmente importa! #behappy #happyness #peaceandlove #loveistrue #asaparenciasenganam #vivalavida #besos #don'tcalm #mandawhats .
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Do you see a lot of ads for pens on social media? Of course you don’t. Because you never talk about pens. Neither do I. I do however talk about writing and my passion for it. I probably use the word “writing” more most words. And what does one write with? Bingo, a pen. This ad even talks about writing your life story. How oddly specific. Every aspect of our lives are victim of some kind of control. The media scares us into compliance, Hollywood tells us we are not pretty enough and the government tells us we can’t be free without them. Fuck that. This picture goes to show you that our rights mean nothing to them and our freedom is just a veiled illusion. Most aspects of said freedom just another manufactured cog in a well oiled machine designed to keep up asleep and in our slumber blind to our subjugation. If your reading this they are scared of you, they are scared of us. We are why they listen. They know that all over the world we are waking up. They know that the only thing they can’t control is consciousness and consciousness is the only thing that can bring this ugly machine down on top of them. They know that when they dust settles we will be the ones to climb out of the rubble and take our society into the new renaissance. You will see me use that word a lot because that’s what this is, the beginning of a renaissance. And they are listening #awakening #awake #consciousness #woke #wakeup#universalconsciousness #universalconnection #peace #peace✌️ #peaceandlove #love #unityindiversity #revolutionofconsciousness #theyarewatching
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🌎Surrounding yourself with Happy people makes the world look like a less challenging place.🙏🏼 #peaceandlove #whatthisworldneeds 💛
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É só o que eu quero por hoje. E por hoje é só! Paz e amor é o que tenho de sobra por isso não me preocupo, não cuido, nem infernizo a vida de alguém. #peace #paz #peaceandlove #desejo a #todos
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Mirar hacía atrás dejo de ser mi primera opción🤙 - - - - - - - - ☯️♊️ #peaceandlove #karma ♻️ ♻️ ♻️ #happy #peace✌️ #morelove #lovemylife #tomatelocomoquieras
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In each loss there is a gain, and with each ending, comes a new beginning 🙏 Visit GoodVibesGallery.com (link in profile) to see more of my artwork .
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