”Don’t ask for permission. Ask for forgiveness.” said every manager ever. What kind of bullshit is that? Is that supposed to build trust? ”Do what you want, but it you fuck up you’d better crawl for me.” Who are these people we’re supposed to ask for forgiveness all the damn time? I’ve spent 31 years and some change asking for permission and forgiveness. Starting now I’m asking for neither. I will of course apologize to the people I hurt, but I will not ask for forgiveness for making a mistake while doing the best that I can. I’ve talked to a lot of young people like myself in the past weeks and many of them suffer from this same illness. They are afraid of failure and are waiting around for someone (who?) to tell them that it’s OK for them to love themselves and to take what they want. Are you one of them? #postitliveit
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She has my permission to be exactly as she wants to be. Feel as she wants to feel. Live as she wants to live. And LOVE HERSELF as fiercely as she would ever desire to be loved by someone else. #itstartswithme
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ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Put Feet 2 Faith will be vending at the Queen City Black Heritage Festival this Saturday from 1p-5p. If you want pants, button earrings, lapas, AfricaN👑tees and more, come meet me there!!!! #kneeshayfortheculture #pf2f #SHARE
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NEWNESS: Today, I give myself permission to press the reset button and create my life exactly as I dreamed it would be...✊🏽👌🏿✊🏽🙏🏿✊🏽👌🏿 #newness #permission #justme #newday #create #blessed #followforfollow #globalcitizen #faith #travel #blackboston #nakedtruth
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