❁ ————— one tree hill | 223 ————— for lydia ( @bellarkerss ) ————— Happy birthday to one of my favorite people here Lydia aka @bellarkerss , Ilysm babe💕 ————— qotp | When is your birthday? And do you celebrate it? aotp | June 7th and not really, just go out to have dinner with family. ————— [ tags: #breyton #breytonedit #oth #onetreehilledit #brookedavis #sophiabush #hilarieburton #peytonsawyer #onetreehill ]
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[ deleted scene from 1.15 +braley from the end to the begging] Don’t you just love soulmates ❤️ also here is a video edit! I was bored and just felt like making one and it is super simple but I love it and the song!
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Top 10 Otps - 1; Naley (equal with next) Ofc their my number 1s I don't think anyone is surprised about that i mean they are in my name lol. I could honestly write paragraphs after paragraphs about how much I love them. Haley saved Nathan she made him into a better man. They literally can not live without each other. I did not expect them to happen but I'm so glad they did and lasted freaking 9 seasons only have 1 proper break up can your ship relate? Even through all that they always found their way back to eachother. they make my heart ache I just love them. Season 9 Naley broke my heart into a million pieces i'm glad they found their way back and that reunion topped all reunions if i'm honest and i'm not just saying that cause their my #1s. Nathan would physically kill someone if they ever hurt Haley she's his everything. Haley protects him through everything she would physically kill to protect him as well. I love this ship. Naley saved me. cr; @halesfilms
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Top 10 Otps - 1.5; Brulian Julian is brooke's happiness he made her trust and fall in love again. This ship is underrated in a way yet it's brooke's happiness it should be appreciated more. I'm so glad they got the endgame they deserved. I'm so happy they got to have kids and have their happy ending. Julian saved brooke's life man he went into that river or whatever it was to save her if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have our precious brooke. I'm so happy julian came along and made brooke feel so special and loved. cr; @xnaleys
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High school life❣️
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>> That’s why I love herrr dt @ouatomg @drizzyzachary @swanishooked ac me #omgpage
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nothing but respect MY endgame, I do love leyton but I love jeyton more okay ❤️😢 . . show; one tree hill credit; @mysticarkadia #onetreehill #peytonsawyer #jakejagielski #jeyton #oth
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— brooke and jamie 💓 ↳ cc: irrelysian dt: oth sisters !!
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