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I think it’s time for another #SpaldingSpotlight breeder! Meet Madelyn Goss of MaJer Akitas! MaJer Akitas is in Veradale, Washington! This is an excerpt pulled from Madelyn’s website “ I have been devoted to the Akita breed since 1997; exhibiting, breeding, and participating in the activities of several breed, National and all-breed clubs and most importantly Akita rescue groups through out the United States. I am very committed to helping preserve and to protect the Akita in a continuing effort to do everything possible to advocate responsible ownership and education, which create a strong foundation in the best interest of our canine companions. As an ethical and responsible breeder, I believe it is our responsibility to maintain the unique breed characteristics and natural qualities of the breed. I strongly encourage and adhere to ethical breeding practices and strive for quality Akitas in health, structure, and temperament. Health screening of potential sires and dams and extensive pedigree research are utilized when making breeding decisions at MaJer Akitas.” ***** If you are looking for a puppy, this is the kind of breeder you should go to!! One who is involved in the American Kennel Club, in good standing with the Akita Club of America, shows and titles their dogs, OFA and CERF health tests & is dedicated to every dog they have produced. Stay away from terms like “Champion bloodlines” or “We don’t show because ours are just pets.” Backyard breeders masquerade as reputable ones, and to someone unfamiliar with what to look for .. they can easily fool you. Have a question on a breeder? Please reach out to me! I am always happy to help those who truly care! Cheers! 🏆#showdog #dogslife #breeders #dogoftheday #akita #americanakita #akitas #akitalove #akitaworld #akitaclub #akitagram #akitasofinstagram #akitasofig #dogs #puppy #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #puppygram #nashville #thespaldingpack #bestwoof #photoofthetheday #dogfeatures #dog_features #fluffypack #dailyfluff #dailydog #petfeatures
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