We've been in the new house since Thursday and slowwwly but surely we're getting settled. I think I forget how long it takes to dig through boxes and get rid of all the wrapping materials - haha - it's a process! So far, though, we have the kitchen and our bedroom settled comfortably - next up, dining and living room! And I'm also rationing my clothes because our washer and dryer are arriving about 10 days after their scheduled delivery 😬 Just thought I'd give you a quick update before I hop back to it! 🙌😘
2 minutes ago
Parrilla de lujo la de hoy: higaditos y corazones de pollo, chorizos hechos en casa, pollo al horno de leña, asado de tira, panceta, Tomahawks, bife angosto y cordero. Para acompañar, tostones, frejoles negros estilo cubano, arroz blanco, papas al romero y ensalada... El postre: picarones, trenza de mana y enrollado de chirimoya Ahora película y a la cama Gracias totales familia 🙌 #meatlover
10 minutes ago
Alex and I have discovered that we really enjoy hosting, and are having some friends and their little girl over for some over due catch-up. How are you all spending your Saturday night? 💙
10 minutes ago
Today’s top three: 1. I got my oil and changed AND went through the car wash because poor Carol (my corolla) is very old and well worn and I’m a stinking ADULT 💁🏻‍♀️ 2. I’m in Flo for the weekend and Ridge got me a shirt that says “choose joy” just because he’s a sweet human 💗💗 3. I spent the afternoon with the sweetest couple for their proposal shoot!! Shots from that coming soon 💍 Today I’m thankful for simple Saturdays AND being able to spend time with Ridge for the first time in two weeks 🎉
12 minutes ago
Celebrating #KCRW at Cafè Trio 💕
12 minutes ago
My favorite way to spend a Saturday is with this cutie pie & her momma. Thanks for always being my person @holliekemp 💗
13 minutes ago
the snow has melted & the sun has come out ☀️
14 minutes ago
They really DO have a day for everything. Happy #CheeseLoversDay! In celebration, we're likely to probably just eat our hearts out! As Annie Lennox said: sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie? And you, friend? What’ll you fonDUE today? 😉
14 minutes ago
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