Nada além de risadas e muito Pilates. Venha conhecer os benefícios que o Pilates pode lhe proporcionar. Por uma vida com mais qualidade. #Pilates #vidaesaude #BemViver #BemViverPFE
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I can’t lie this whole “body after baby” thing is tough. My sloth metabolism is doing me zero favors and living in the vainest part of the country where the expectation for women to bounce back minutes after they deliver is totally unattainable for normal humans. I guess people assume that since I run a pilates studio part of my gig Is working out around the clock? I wish! Finding time to juggle a new baby, going back to work, connecting with my husband and shedding this extra 12lbs has been a tall order, especially for a control freak like me. I generally don’t share much on social media but wanted to commiserate with other new moms that THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I’m also extra grateful to my unbelievable best friend and partner @macminturn for telling me I’m beautiful and to be kind to myself everyday along with @vimmia_active for dressing me to show out at @equinox so I don’t feel like a total disaster at the gym. As my mom always tells me “this too shall pass” let’s pray it’s before swimsuit season 😉😬❤️💯 #equinoxsouthbay #equinoxsantamonica #newmom #pilates #clubpilatesbrentwood #postpartumbody #itsroetime
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19 - THE JACK KNIFE Påminner om Roll Over som är den tredje övningen i #josephpilates program. Skillnaden är att här gäller det att hålla benen långt ifrån överkroppen när du rullar ner, precis så starkt och kontrollerat som Tove (@d96toveg) gör.
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30 Day Challenge Are you ready?!? Challenge starts April 2-May 3! To purchase click on the following link: . . . #pilatesinguelph #pilates #30daychallenge #pilateschallenge #peacelovepilates #strongertogether #Guelph
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OPERATION: GET IT TOGETHER! As a fire sign, I tend to spark quickly, but when my flame burns out I can get stuck in the wake of my own ashes. As we approach Spring and Aries season, I plan to clear the dust and start anew. Here’s a sneak peak of pictures for my website coming soon! Thank you @juanmichaelporterii for the inspiration and motivation! 📸🔥♈️🌺 #Pilates #Aries #springcleaning
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Clinical Reformer Pilates Classes . Targeted exercises to improve your coordination, balance, flexibility and strength to treat your current injuries whilst also helping prevent re-injury. . For all ages . For men and women . Small Clinical Reformer Pilates classes (maximum 4 people) . 50minute classes with stretch/relaxation at the end. . Initial assessment required to assess your aches and pains, postural alignment, coordination, muscle control and weaknesses. We also go through the Core Elements of Pilates - Lumbopelvic alignment and activation - Correct ribcage/thoracic positioning - Scapulo-thoracic stabilisation - Deep Neck flexor retraining . Call Today 02 6672 8495 for bookings and more information @activelifephysiopilates . . CALL TODAY - 02 6672 8495 . SOUTH TWEED HEADS MURWILLUMBAH . #tweedcoast #tweedheads #coolangatta #snapper #snapperrocks #rainbowbay #kirra #kirrabeach #banorapoint #fingal #tugun #kingscliff #cabarita #cabaritabeach #dbah #burleigh #goldcoast #pottsville #dreamtime #terranora #chinderah #pilates #pilatesreformer #bilinga #currumbin #currumbinbeach #elanora #palmbeach #fingalhead
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Week 10 of #pilatesfordeepstretches with @thichapilates and myself! This week, we are reviewing neck flexibility. The biggest question I get is: how does one breath in deep back bend stretches? The general answer is... warm up and deep stretch your neck and upper chest in a variety of ways FIRST. Also get used to breathing in those positions for long periods of time. I always tell my students if they can work hard to improve the small stretches, the more advanced stretches become much more manageable. Sweat through the small stuff, breath through the tough stuff. In the video above, you will see me go through a variety of stretches for the neck. Watch the progression as I go from one strerch to the next. Although I use the more advanced tall block version for the first few positions, I still work through the warm ups before attempting the deep stretches. Many muscles works to elongate the neck. Localized stretching is a team effort of different muscles pushing and pulling multiple areas of the body to help target a specific spot. I've been stretching and strengthening my neck in various ways for several years to achieve this range of motion in my cervical spine. It doesn't happen in one day, a week, a month or a year if you're starting from the ground level. Remember, this is your goal, not your beginner stretch. For neck exercises using #pilates methods, check out @thichapilates page :) #aerialnation #backbend #backflexibility #bendyanya #cirfit #cirfit_lifestyle #contortion #contortionist #flexible #flexibility #pilates #poledancenation #splits #stretchitapp @aerialnation @aerial_aesthetic_ @blondepeacock @contortion_post @contortiongoals @circusinspiration @lovecontortion @flexrankings @cirfit_lifestyle @poledancenation @polesportorg @usaerial
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