THERE IS NO MONSTER INSIDE YOU Fall in love with the darkness. With the piss and the shit of life. The shadows, the hidden parts. The bits we hide out of shame. Fall in love with the innocence. Our childhood fears of the dark. Of being exposed. Of showing ourselves, being seen, coming into the light. The doubts, the secret pains, our strange fantasies, feelings we just don't know what to do with. Terrors of the night-time. The rage that bubbles just under the surface. The fear that we are not loveable. The feelings and thoughts we conceal to maintain the image of 'me'. To be good, to be nice, to be spiritual. To be 'the one who can hold it all together'. Fall in love with this secret humanity. Know that darkness is NOT darkness, only scared fragments longing to come into the light, beings who want love, and attention, and breath, and inclusion in the larger picture of Self. Do not seek the light, friend. Simply be the light. Be what you are. The light of life. And have the courage to shine fully on the sore places, the tender places. Illuminate. Radiate. Make it safe for the little monsters to come out of hiding. Let them know they are beautiful. And worthy. And not monsters at all. - @jefffosterofficial 🖤
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Feels like I'm having dessert rather than breakfast because its chocolate 😄 . Chocolate @coyo_uk Yoghurt, strawberries and homemade grain and sugar free muesli. Happy Thursday 😁
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Give this circuit a go...get it SAVED and do it 3 x this week to really focus on that core! .. If you aren't sure how properly engage your core head to our homepage and get your free guide. .. Now for this one.. BEGINNERS - 10 reps of each INTERMEDIATE - 15 reps of each ADVANCED - 20 reps of each .. Aim for 3 circuits resting for 1 min in between each circuit. .. #momgoals #motivation .. #babycarrier #baby #parenting #workout #fitspo #parent #instafit #newbaby #newmom #postnatal #instafit #postnataldepression #mom #carifit #core #lunge #squat #fatburn #ladieswholift #instagood #1monthold #2monthsold #3monthsold #babywearing #keepthemclose #wearallthebabies #fitmom #inmyergo #carifitinmyergo
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Wise words and beliefs of the ancients. The first 40 days after birth the new baby is working out the world, building trust and awareness. Being close to the mother increases the bond and sense of security which will be taken through into life as an adult. I also feel it’s important that not too many people hold the newborn till after this period of time. #postnatal #newborn #nourishing #newmum #baby
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I am excited to announce to mums in the Lowestoft area, 2 open days at our 2 new locations. Monday 12th March 10am @ Oulton Community Centre Tuesday 13th March 10am @ St Margaret's Church Lowestoft Pop by with baby and come and have a chat and a bit of cake if you fancy!! I will be there to answer any of your questions and support you on your journey of recovery. **If you have been struggling with mummy tummy, I am happy to check your tummy if you may think you have abdominal separation. This can be done at any point after having a baby and still can be healed years after having children with the correct guidance. **If you have any questions regarding your pelvic floor or c-section. **You may want a little guidance on the best way to return to exercise. Wha going to be the most effective for you. **If you haven't had your 6-12 week check come and discuss what questions you may need to ask **Enter a prize draw to win a place on the MamaActive Core Rehab classes or Personal Training **Find out about the live courses or the online programmes MamaActive has to offer **Struggling with back/knee/pelvic pain since having your baby **Freebies of course!! Please share with your friends and looking forward to seeing you there #mamaactive #lowestoftmums #lowestoft #oultoncommunitycentre #oultonbroard #gunton #stmargaretschurch #newmums #postnatal
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This week has been blahhhhh. I have been procrastinating about packing all week. We move in less than 2 weeks. I had done a very minor amount... I work better under pressure anyway so next week I’ll be in lock down. I also think I’m a little scared to be moving, but the excitement outweighs the concerns. Some weeks just chug along with not very much excitement. Some weeks are go go. I’ve pretty much caravan dreamed all week too. So anyway I have an awkward story. I thought I might do something extra and go get a Brazilian wax today. Normally it’s just the bikini for me, and I fix whatever else. Tip, only go where is trusted. The chick pretty much slapped wax on me, did a half job. I still had wax on me and I certainly wasn’t finished with. I then had to book in with a friend to help a sister out to fix the rest. Like seriously! It’s a pretty big deal for me to go all legs up in front of someone, and to not take time and care in that type of thing I feel is so rude. She asked me when she thought she was finished if I was happy, and I nervously said oh I don’t think you are finished? I then had some excuses thrown at me and I decided to leave after when she athought she was done the second time. I was pretty intimidated. It’s not like I haven’t had a Brazilian before, my last one was before Emma came into the world. It used to be my go too. Emma is 1 tomorrow BTW. OMG. So anyway as soon as summer disappears I’m getting lazor finally. This pic of Evie has no relevance to this post apart from that she has been super cute and such a little soft soul this week. This is Evie and her accessories all ready for daycare. She asked to have a sleep over with me tonight and so we are laying here now about to go to sleep. It’s late, but that’s ok. Daddy was in charge tonight and he doesn’t run as tight of a ship as I do... Tomorrow my fam is down for the weekend to help celebrate Emma being 1! X🍑
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The OG yoga mamas!! Took baby Z to @remembermaya beautiful dome yoga shala and put her on the mat with me (she was super chilled unlike in this photo haha)! At one point Maya carried her around while she adjusted her students and we had @taranbhattal next to us doing her modified pre-natal practice, such yummy mama yogini energy right down to Immy & Es ❤️❤️❤️ #yogamamayogababy #yogamom #yogakids #ashtanga #startingfromscratch #postnatal #fitmom #momblogger
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- Looking to Attend a Class? - You can find us here at the above times 💕 Murwillumbah - 17 Reynolds St Cabarita Beach - 12 Alamanda Ave #yogamum #yogalife #yoga #prenatalyoga #mumsandbubs #mumsandbubsyoga #postnatal #postnatalyoga #murwillumbah #cabaritabeach #kingscliff #pottsville #tweedcoast #tweedheads
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Hard work should be rewarded by good food. 🍲 -Ken Follet Our chef can cook based on your food preference. Therefore you can be rest assured and start booking your confinement stay with AfterBirthCare now. 😃 ☎️ 603 8933 6220 🌐 📨 FB- afterbirthcareretreat ▫️ #confinement #confinementcare #confinementfood #confinementresort #momandbabylesson #yoga #postnatal #postnatalyoga #newparents #newmom #nursery #breastfeeding #parenting #newborn #baby #infant #afterbirth #afterbirthcare #afterbirthcareservices #prenatal #massage #prenatalmassage #premium #classic #package #room #nutrition #meal
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I used to try to do this and struggle so badly after having JJ that I couldn’t even get half way down but to my surprise SUDDENLY it happened! 🎉 . . . Sometimes the training your doing can feel like such a long process but when you reach small milestones like this it can make you happy dance all the way home... don’t worry what anyone else is doing outside of your bubble! Focus on you and your own progress 🙌🏽 video cred: @sophie_tf . . . #fitmoms #fitness #mumlife #mummy #mum #mumblogger #baby #babybelly #babyonboard #momswholift #mommyandme #crossfitmom #crossfitgirls #fitnessmotivation #postpartum #postnatal #prenatal #postpartumbody #postbabybody #diastasisrectirepair
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