Oh oh oh....it’s magic! For most of us, magic is synonymous with Harry Potter. We were there when Harry got his first owl-mail at Privet drive. We were there with him, in that stuffy broom closet. We were there when Good ol’ Hagrid finally broke it down to him, ‘Yer a wizard, Harry’. Talk about the best birthday gift possible, huh? And so we followed Harry, leaving behind the world of muggles. Off to Hogwarts, to learn magic. And it wasn’t just magic we learnt. We learnt that friendships so strong existed. And we went looking for our very own Ron and Hermione. And Neville too. We learnt that it was alright to break the rules sometimes, even if it meant being sent deep into a forbidden forest. We learnt that you don’t always have to go looking for love. Love can sometimes be right in front of you - you just have to look. We learnt that there is light even in the darkest of days. And we learnt that eventually after 7 books, evil does die and good will triumph. What a roller-coaster ride it was! We were there through it all. Till the day Albus Severus Potter boarded the Hogwarts express, and after the infamous scar gave its silent approval , it was declared ‘ All was well’. Then again, we followed you through the whirlwind that was ‘ the cursed child’. Whatever the outcome, I totally ship Albus and Scorpius:p So thank you JKR, You let us escape from the frivolities of muggle life. And we lived in a world of magic. And I still do. Uncryptically yours, #magicforever #potterhead #uncrypticallyyours #letstalkbooks #bookstagram
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Who’s the biggest potterhead of them all? Chris Colfer! 🤓. Dork is such a nerd for Harry Potter 🧙🏻‍♂️, Chris is in the house of Slytherin 🐍 - - - #QOTD: What house are you in? 🏛️ - - - #AOTD: I’m in HufflePuff 🦔 - - - #chriscolfer #hrhchriscolfer #chris #colfer #bestsellingauthor #TLOS #tlos6 #potterhead #harrypotter #thewizardingworldofharrypotter
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O Querido Draco saiu! ⚔️ Batalha de Personagens ⚔️ ✓ O Personagem que for mais votado sai ✓ O ganhador terá uma sessão de fotos aqui na página ✓ Votos nos comentários ✓ Só vale votar uma vez • ~Caah🌙 #harrypotter #harrypotterbr #hogwarts #gryffindor #slytherin #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #potterhead Parcerias: @plataforma_9.34 @potterfox_ @avada_kedavra360 @potterhead_forever18 @diario_do_harrypotter Parcerias Abertas 🤓
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Well, he's not lying. 📚📖📚 #Potterhead #PotterheadLife #Bookworm
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