No Pain, Just Gains #veganmuscle ▫️ Here is a short compilation of our pull day! ▫️ Exercises shown: - Cable Bicep Curl - Lat Pull Down (Machine) - Standing Dumbbell Curls - Lower Back Extension ▫️ What’s your favorite back exercise? ▫️ Keep making those #vegains
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Make this tonight! Coconut chilli salmon adapted from @dishmagnz with sesame greens and noodles(you cat quite see the noodles here, I’ve gone overboard with green as per). Tag me in your creations!
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#feelgreat #loseweịght #preventandreverseillness Another decadent breakfast this morning...Yeah...screw waiting for weekends to have a good time. Pearl Millet/Buckwheat pancakes Baked banana Date relish To stay tuned with the progress/release of my book which will contain detailed recipes, make sure to join the mailing list: #wfpb #sosfree #nooil #nosugar #nosalt #lowsodium #vegan #whatsveganseat #nutritionstudies #plantstrong #poweredbyplants #plantpowered #forksoverknives #engine2diet #wslf #hearthealthy #starchivore #starchsolution #mcdougalldiet #wfpbno #glutenfreevegan #glutenfree #waffles
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I started juicing when he was in my belly. Doctors told me I had a very aggressive lymphoma and I needed a very aggressive chemo for my best chance of survival. I asked for recommendations with nutrition to help me heal and was given outdated food pyramid material. That was not the information I was hoping to receive. Omg 🤦🏻‍♀️ at that point I knew I had to do my own research and become my own advocate! I prayed. I meditated. I asked Spirit for guidance and went online. I remembered how touched I was by @crazysexykris when I first came across her story. I was determined to find answers, to give it my best shot, not only to survive for my family, for my husband and our 3 kids + baby on the way, but I was determined to get through it all without having to terminate pregnancy. I believed my best outcome would include a complete healing, a healthy family and a healthy baby. I decided to start juicing and even though I didn’t know the specific benefits, I felt inspired enough to nourish my body and my baby with fruits and veggies. And after researching everything about Hodgkins Lymphoma, I decided to do the chemo also. 6 months of ABVD chemo, injecting anticoagulants twice daily for 2 months (bc the huge tumor in my chest was wrapped around main blood vessels = high risk for heart failure), numerous ct scans covering my belly to minimize radiation exposure, all the side effects, losing hair by the handfuls, balding, Giving vaginal birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy after 4 months of exhausting chemo and then, tubal ligation surgery, caring for my newborn (midnight feedings etc) & more chemo immediately after delivery..... + 25 radiation (Mon - Fri for 5 weeks). It was all so worth it when I heard NO EVIDENCE of DISEASE! BUT, my thyroid was damaged and I was left with crazy side effects. God answered my prayers by connecting me to @medicalmedium 🙏🏼💙🕊️🎉🙌🏼 I found hope, reassurance and a roadmap to truly HEAL with food. I’ve been off all meds for 6 months, Thyroid is in normal range, & I feel so good. My baby is almost 4, my family is healthy & we’re all learning more about healing, wellness & prevention. ♥️🙏🏼🎉 Thank you Anthony & our healing tribe!!
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Waking up to 48 degree weather in South Florida is a rarity ❄️ but it’s perfect for veggie chili 😍 This one from field of greens is super delish 💕 @fieldofgreenswpb #southflorida #southfloridavegan #veganchilli #plantbased #poweredbyplants #crueltyfree #veganoptions #ivisgonevegan #chillitime #itscoldoutside #govegan #veganeats
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Making a statement at the gym! - 💪🏼ⓋⒺⒼⒶⓃ🌱 - Guys, @kileigh_branae and I will be going LIVE on Instagram tomorrow at 8pm E.T.! - We’ll be chatting it up and answering any of the questions you guys may have. - If you won’t be able to make the live stream tomorrow, let’s do a lil Q&A right here in the comments. - Comment your questions below! 👇🏼🌱😊💕
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Smoothie Bowl🌍 . We often want to over complicate things and we forget to just it simple.. . #eatclean
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