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Our first set of power rankings for the 2017 season of American Flat Track. Check out the full story here http://flattrackrising.com/power-rankings/ (link in bio) #americanflattrack #flattrack #powerrankings
18 hours ago
Day 2! Let’s go! Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws: This one’s rough. Dallas 3-2? I’m very apprehensive picking them over, well, anyone really. This should be a breeze for the Fuel, but after last week, I don’t know what all they can handle. New York Excelsior vs Los Angeles Valiant: Two of the best going head to head in week 2. This match is going to be insane. I’m taking the Valiant 3-2. New York has to play Pine more than once a match to prove to me they can win consistently. Philadelphia Fusion vs Los Angeles Gladiators: I think the Gladiators are going to take this one more easily. 2-1, with a tie in there somewhere. It’ll seem more dominant than the score does, but Fusion’s win will come quick.
21 hours ago
Albany Saratoga Big Block modified rankings of who was on the Radar in 2017. 1.Peter Britten** 2.Keith Flach* 3.Brett Hearn** 4.Ronnie Johnson** 5.Jeremy Wilder** 6.Marc Johnson** 7.Kenny Tremont** 8.Matt Delorenzo 9.Don Ronca* 10.Jessey Mueller Under the Radar: Bodie Bellinger #ontheradarracing #northeastracing #powerrankings #bigblockmodifieds
22 hours ago
KOD Sportsmen Rankings after 2017 Season Flying on the Radar: 1.Rocky Warner***** 2.Chad Edwards* 3.David Schilling 4.Jeff Watson* 5.Brian Pessolano 6.Mike Sabia* 7.Connor Cleveland 8.Scott Duell 9.Kevin Chaffee 10.Rob Maxon Under the Radar: Tim Hartman #ontheradarracing #northeastracing #kingofdirtseries #sportsmen #powerrankings #dirtracing #racing #dirtracingfamily
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Took them 20 weeks to get the #nfl #powerrankings right. Smh. The favorite on line stats aren't real. The #favorite from week to week is the real favorite. Whoever beats the hottest team is the favorite. You gotta beat the best to be the best. Not that stat line shit. The real favorite was saints vs patriots but the the hottest team lost to the Vikings now the #Vikings and #patriots are the favorites. THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. Don't decide a favorite by Reading stat lines..... You'll be fooled all year long.
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And week 2 begins! What does Day 1 hold for us... San Francisco Shock vs Philadelphia Fusion: This is going to be a close match between two teams who are fighting for a chance to show what they can do. It’s only week two, and there’s a lot on the line already. I think the Fusion are going to squeak this one out 3-2. This match will tell a lot about the strength of these two teams. Florida Mayhem vs Seoul Dynasty: Oh lord. Oh me oh my oh gosh. This isn’t even fair. It never is against Seoul, but this is even less so. 4-0 Seoul. I’m hoping for an upset, but I don’t think this is the time. Houston Outlaws vs Shanghai Dragons: I think Houston’s going to win this one pretty comfortably. 3-1? Let’s go with that. This is Shanghai’s first step to proving that they can succeed, beating Houston. They could do it, but will they?
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Mburra.sports NBA Elite 10 for week 14. 1: Warriors, they’re still the best team in the league and it isn’t even close. 2: Celtics, they are leading the Eastern Conference and playing well. 3: Timberwolves, they are one of the best teams in the league. 4: Raptors, they have been hot as of late, 6-4 in their last 10 games capturing the 2nd seed in the East. 5: Cavaliers, they’ve gone cold, losing 8 of the their last 10 games, they remain in the top 5 because of Lebron James. 6: Thunder, they’re a solid team as of now. 7: Rockets, would be higher if Harden was healthy. 8: Spurs, Kawhi’s injury drops then to 8. 9: Bucks, The Greek Freak has been tremendous and so have the Bucks. 10: 76ers, they stay at 10 due to Simmons and Embiid. #nba #powerrankings #elite10 #top10 #goldenstatewarriors #clevelandcavaliers #bostonceltics #minnesotatimberwolves #houstonrockets #sanantoniospurs #oklahomacitythunder #torontoraptors #milwaukeebucks #philadelphia76ers #stephcurry #kevindurant #lebronjames #kyrieirving #jimmybutler #jamesharden #kawhileonard #russellwestbrook #demarderozan #giannisantetokounmpo #bensimmons
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Here is the projected lineup from Bleacher Report in their most recent power rankings. The Rays are sitting at 19th in their standings. I think this lineup is pretty accurate and hopefully we will see some prospects from Durham come up sooner than later. Their projected bench includes Jesus Sucre, Daniel Robertson, Micah Johnson and Mallex Smith. Who do you want to see in this lineup? - #rays #tampa #tampabay #mlb #mlbnews #baseball #baseballnews #bleacherreport #powerrankings
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