“This is how connected we are: If you are experiencing success and I am envious or jealous, it messes with my vibration. It holds me apart from blessings.” – Dakri Brown, Spiritual Practitioner . (from "The Other is You" #WOKE #Webinar)
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My time is coming #justwatch, Love wat u do do wat u love, #dreamchaser #pride #passion #presence boss up.
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Sichuan Tea Ceremony ~ ☕️ . The tea theatre is a microcosm of the macrocosm, (as above, so is below). A representation of the energies of the beings who came to drink tea together in Mazunte. A one time, never to be repeated show. ✨🎩🐇 . #sichuan #tea #teatheatre #presence
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We see so many translations of the concepts of “mindfulness” from ancient scripts or from cultural practices around the world, it’s easy to be confused. “Mindfulness” is a general term used simply because it is so much easier to distill everything into one word in the English language so we can talk about it. But it still can be confusing to understand what’s being talked about from all the different sources we are hearing or learning from. For many of us, daily “mindfulness” practices help us be still, be present, be aware, be conscious. We use the term in one sense: to loosely describe a now-ness and being in the moment. Did you know that mindfulness also has a second sense? It refers to an EMPTINESS of the mind that occurs when we are NOT thinking or training our mind’s attention. ********************************************************* Wishing you moments of mindfulness, however you practice. Xoxo, Chrissy 💖 ********************************************************* * * * * * #mindfulness101 #vipassana #insightmeditation #healthymind #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulnesscoach #wellbeing #wellness #journey #mindovermatter #presence #bestill #hereandnow #inthemoment #buddhism #practice #bossbabe #mindfulliving
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FLOAT, TRUST, ENJOY Muhammad said no one looks
back and regrets leaving this
world. What’s regretted is how real we thought it was!
How much we worried about
phenomena and how little we considered what moves
through form. “Why did I spend
my life denying death? Death is the key to truth!” When you
hear lamenting like that, say,
not out loud, but 
inwardly, “What moved you
then still moves you, the same
energy. But you understand perfectly now that you are not
essentially a body, tissue, bone,
brain, and muscle. Dissolve in the clear vision. Instead of
looking down at the six feet of
road immediately ahead, look up: see both worlds,
the face of the king, the ocean
shaping and carrying you along. You’ve heard
descriptions of that sea. Now
float, trust, enjoy the motion. ~Rumi The Soul of Rumi Photo made by @tjbestphoto #inForm #surrender #thisisgrace #dramynd #grateful #presence #rumi #wisdominpoetry #contemplation
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The gift I'm trying to give myself...⠀ .⠀ I've written previously about my struggle with falling into the Instagram k-hole, and you know I take periodic breaks as a way to "reset" when necessary. ⠀ .⠀ What's working for me right now as far as maintaining a healthy boundary for myself with regard to Instagram is only opening the app when I have something to post. Creation > consumption, y'all! Once I've contributed something, I'll let myself check out some stories or scroll (you see me scrollin'...) but I set a timer for 5 min and when it goes off I'm done. Close the app and move on.⠀ .⠀ It may seem so crazy to monitor and manage myself like I'm a child but *newsflash* I need it. I need some hard boundaries to prevent my Insta use from getting out of hand. "Out of hand" means different things to different people and you need to be honest about what that means for you with whatever your poison is. I didn't inherit my mom's propensity for alcohol and drug addiction (thank you to my delicate constitution for that one) but I will play a song I like on repeat 5000x until I'm sick of it and keep on going, or spend way too much time zoning out on Instagram so...🤷🏻‍♀️ .⠀ Of course there are countless varied and complex reasons why I or anyone else get addicted to Instagram or the Internet or alcohol or shopping, and those reasons for sure need to be sussed out and addressed to truly eradicate the compulsive behavior. Life is hard and we all have our coping mechanisms. ⠀ .⠀ But in the meantime, before you have healed yourself to the point where you no longer require coping mechanisms, might I suggest some boundaries? Our time, attention, and energy are so valuable, let's be conscious of how we spend them. Sending love to you 💙
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