These boots were made for walking and they will walk right over you. That's how it is when you have a credit score under 720 in today's economic times. You get walked on with higher interests on credit cards, vehicles, loans. You see the picture right? It's time to walk on them because you connected with Aaliyah😉 Now close your eyes and imagine it only takes less than $5.00 a day to protect and defend your life or business financially. Now keep your eyes close still & picture how it would feel to be approved for low interest loans, credit cards, merchant accounts and more. You would be in a position that you can feel the five dollar invest for #financialeducation has paid off and the connections, services, resources is worth it every dollar. Now open your eyes and remember these boots are made for walking into a better Financial Future. Partner or Connect with me and become apart of the solution. #change.#boots #wednesday #bootsmurah #sepatumurah #financialfreedom #money #sepatuboots #wednesdaywisdom #sepatuwanita #heelsmurah #sepatukulit #bootscewek #wednesdayaddams #wedgesmurah #humpday #wednesdayfeels #sepatu #bootsbayi #wednesdaynight #wednesdaymood #wednesdayadams #bootsbekas #wednesdayselfie #grow #protectyourmoney #finance #credit
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You want to bring your phone, and cash to the beach. But nothing can put a damper on your fun more than being a victim of beach theft. If your gut is telling you not to leave your valuables alone, don’t do it. If you have to, stack them into an empty lotion bottle and go have some fun. #funinthesun #beachtheft #beachthieves #hidingplaces #safetyfirst #tansafe #safelotion #beachtips #beachtricks #thievesallover #savagesatthebeach #savagebeach #protectyourmoney
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👉🏻Are YOU prepared for what life will bring you unexpectedly?👈🏻 Raise your hand in the comments (✋🏻) if you’d like to know more about getting some FREE education on finance fundamentals - tax-free retirement, savings plans for your kids or grandkids, being financially prepared in the event of a medical catastrophe, ways to reap the upside of the market without losing a penny (how did you fare in 2008...?), and so much more. I am personally committed to your financial well-being 🌱 • • • #life #lifequotes #areyouprepared #qotd #money #finances #personalfinance #financialfreedom #financialeducation #moneymatters #livewell #protectyourmoney #protectyourself #liveyourbestlife #5rf #smallbusiness #fortcollins #fortcollinsbusiness #fortcollinssmallbusiness #local #localbusiness #dogood
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Visit to see how you can help✅ . If you're not angry, you're not listening. . Thanks @jojoelwood433 for the post and pics 🙏🏼 . #patagonia #dumptrump #thislandisourland #mothernature #protectyourmoney
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As Passionate Financial Educators we are able to share and teach to huge organizations about how they can add a tax free retirement to their portfolio and learn how to protect and grow their money! Does your organization want to learn how to add this to your benefits package so you can protect and grow your money? Since it’s the Season of Giving, our company will be able to provide a learn and luncheon for you and your organization, this month only! Start your 2018 Financially Prepared & Financially Strong! Proper planning prevents poor performance. DM for inquiry and to schedule a day this month before it’s to late, we’re quickly getting booked. #lionstarfinancial #taxfreeretirement #protectyourmoney #moneygrowth #futureplanning
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Ever since I’ve seen that video on social media I always check to be safe.....better to be safe than sorry ☺️ #preventidentitytheft #protectyourmoney #itsyourmoney #thieves #stealers
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*TAKE FIVE - TO STOP FRAUD* I had a great time last night at an event organised by @Mumsnet and Take Five ( held at the @huckletree in Shoreditch, London. Take Five is a national awareness campaign led by FFA UK (part of UK Finance), backed by Her Majesty’s Government and delivered with and through a range of partners in the UK. They want to encourage people to take a moment to stop and think before they give any information to strangers. The scammers are so clever nowadays that sometimes it is hard to spot them. They often target vulnerable people like, for example, the elderly. Many people may already know the do’s and don’ts of financial fraud (that no-one should ever ask them for their PIN or full password, or ever make them feel pressured into moving money to a ‘safe account’). The trouble is that in the heat of the moment, it’s so easy to forget this. That is why I feel it is very important to support this campaign too. The more people we can reach the better! Hopefully we will be able to improve the fight against Fraud. Please check out the advice and tips provided by Take Five ( so you can stay ahead of the scammers! As well as learning ​how​ ​to​ ​protect​ ​yourself​ ​against​ ​financial​ ​scams and​ ​fraud, a group of lovely bloggers and I, were also spoilt through various luxury treats during the evening such as massages, make up and manicure to 'take five' and enjoy! ​​​​😉 We also enjoyed some bubbles and Autumn​ ​canapes from @Humdingers Hoxton. It was so good that it all went very quickly! #Yum As you can see it was a successful night. Please check out my Facebook Page for a summary of the night as well as some tips we learnt so hopefully you can apply them and recognise situations where you can avoid being scammed. Have you been a victim of any kind of scam? Have you received those strange emails coming from your bank where they ask you to give your bank details? Or have you received that typical Broadband call that is telling you that someone has hacked your account? If so, please share your experience in the comments below. #TakeFive #mumsnet #huckletree #Ad
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Public enemy #1: Cyber Fraud!! We are seeing this more & more in our business as well as others. If you are transacting large sums of money, it is best to get a cashier’s check from your bank & take it to closing. If you do decide to wire funds, make sure to give the person you are working with a phone call to insure it is who you think it it is. Hackers are doing a great job at hacking into Realtor’s, Lender’s, & Title company’s emails! Please be safe & protect your cash‼️ #publicenemy #cyberfraud #hacker #hacking #wire #money #protectyourmoney #doublecheck #realestate #cashierscheck
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Making a complaint to your financial institution - The steps for making a complaint to a bank or other federally regulated financial institution. Banking: rights and responsibilities - Opening a bank account, cashing cheques, account fee increases, joint bank accounts and more. Credit and loans: rights and responsibilities - Understanding the terms and conditions of loans, lines of credit and more. Credit cards: rights and responsibilities - Applying for a credit card, changes to your credit card agreement, interest-free grace periods and more. Savings and investments: rights and responsibilities - Your rights as an investor in registered savings plans or other investment products. Mortgages: rights and responsibilities - Applying for a mortgage, making prepayments, renewing your mortgage and more. Receiving financial documents electronically - Your rights and responsibilities when choosing to receive financial documents in electronic format. Prepaid cards: rights and responsibilities - Your right to information about fees, expiry dates, what has to appear on the card and more. Consenting for optional products - Your right to information before and after you consent to an optional product or service. Tied selling - Your rights when being solicited to buy additional products or services from a bank. Clear disclosure on your financial documents - Your right to receive financial documents in language that is clear and not misleading. Small businesses: rights and responsibilities - What small and medium-sized businesses can expect when dealing with a bank. Protection against unauthorized transactions - How you're protected if someone uses your credit or debit card without your permission. #FLM2017 #financialliteracymonth #finance101 #itpaystoknow #financialeducation #financialrights #financialresponsibility #moneytalks #knowyourrights #protectyourmoney #buyerbeware
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Are you out and about this Black Friday? This is prime time for fraudsters to install skimmers, shimmers etc. When swiping that card at a store make sure to slightly jiggle the POS device to see if an overlay is evident. When grabbing gas or going to an ATM before your shopping trip,#jigglethereader and look for any cracks, glue residue, etc. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #staysafeandwarm #blackfriday #2017 #shoppingtip #protectyourmoney #banking #banks #creditunions #merchants #stores
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