Spreading compassion at the rodeo where soulless humans come to watch animals get abused. #Roping is one of the events where baby male calves are roped at the neck while being chased and groped by grown men who lack any empathy and soul. #BUCKTHERODEO #BOYCOTTANIMALSLAVERY #ANIMALCRUELTY #STOPTHEIGNORANCE #HAVECOMPASSION #PROTEST #HOMESTEADRODEOPROTEST #PETA
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One year ago today I was gearing up to go march with thousands of other Portlanders to show support for people that 45's administration had begun targeting: women, the LGBTQ, people of color, immigrants, and so many more. We were angry. We are still angry. We stood in the rain 4 hours listening to people talk and offer our support. Then we marched. On every single continent we marched. Words have power, and action is still needed. Get out, show your support and don't forget to take action and vote! #TheFutureIsStillFemale #J20 #protest #anniversary
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๐ŸŒˆreminder to y'all that, though I do make and sell hand-printed wood type posters, you can download this design any day on my site for free & print it off in your office & home // distribute it for use in protest and power๐ŸŒˆ
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