Gosh wow ok so I’m the crappiest bookstagrammer going. I always forget to take pictures before going on a trip and don’t have anything to upload. Fun fact I manage two Instagram accounts and due to Instagram being so annoying with engagement it can get a bit frustrating ! • • Day 16 of #grimdragon and new this month #rosyhyggetales ! National do nothing nothing day and take a break (yes I sang that as if it were hamilton) • • • Honestly these tags are so fitting, it’s currently 11:30am and I am still in bed watching season 4 of Buffy. Today’s plan is writing, reading and baking so I should probably get dressed...nah! Tomorrow it will be a month until my next tattoo and I’m a bit nervous but so so excited!! • • • • Catching up on tag from @book.cats.tea and it’s the #bythebook challenge! ✍🏽 • • 🌶️Which book is on your bedside table? The Raven Boys 🌶️Last book you read? The Muse 🌶️If you could meet any author? Charlotte Bronte and Mary Shelley 🌶️How do you organise your books? By series! 🌶️What kind of store grabs you? Fantasy or spooooooky! 🌶️A book you intend to read? Vanity Fair! • • • • GrimDragon is being run by @the_infinite_book_dragon and @grimdark_dad ; #rosyhyggetales is being run by @caseyrosereads and @deertales !! What reading challenges are taking part in this month? • • • #instabooks #classic #bookstagram #bookworm #book #booksofinstagram #goodreads #bibliophile #bookblogger #bookporn #igreads #bookish #bookishfeatures #booklover #booknerd #books #reading #circleofbookishfriends #oursharedshelf #jkrowling #theravenboys #ravenclaw #fantasticbeasts #harrypotter #queeniegoldstein
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💫 I love Queenie so much [Fantastic beasts and where to find them] #queeniegoldstein #tinagoldstein #newtscamander #jacobkowalski #harrypotter #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
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4 hours ago
Good morning! I'm back at uni today & honestly I'm not really prepared😂 have a good day!
5 hours ago
Aww I’m just so excited for the new Fantastic Beasts! It’s been so long since we heard anything of it, but now we got some first pics. Will edit them soon into a piece of art 😜
6 hours ago
Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald images via @pottermore
8 hours ago
Sneaky sneaky, gotta go catch some beasties. - 📸: @sniperrobot - I’m glad I got to do some shots as Tina at Anime Impulse! There’s definitely things I was tweak and change up for her so that she’s perfect for Fanime 👀✨
9 hours ago
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