Stop you violated the law pay your courts fine or serve your sentence • • • • #niggers #suicide #racism #memes
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My dad said he was 9 today but the next day he said he was 4 🤔 • • • • #niggers #suicide #racism #memes
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Two people are seen wearing Theresa May and Donald Trump's mask, as an anti racism demonstration took place outside the American Embassy in Central London. #trump #racism #demonstration #protest #riot #usa #blacklivesmatter #charlottesville #theresamay @nurphoto_agency @gettyimages
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#Repost @mercurial_era (@get_repost) ・・・ This one has made the rounds but it's time to bring it back. Racism destroyed in one minute 👌 #occupydemocrats #racism #racismdestroyed
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Sorry man I don't speak homeless • • • • #niggers #suicide #racism #memes
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Maybe I did • • • • #niggers #suicide #racism #memes
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Y'all like these?
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Re these videos and images stirring up in the US. Historical wounds will never heal with bandaids. I do not like talking about race much more than many of you. We all have our reasons. My reason is rooted more in the shame of being white when everyone else around me was sun kissed and melanin rich. So funky and fresh and beautiful. I always thought brown skin is just heavenly... When I was younger I felt like I was lacking something. I did what I could to make myself a little less white... learn how to speak other languages, dance, travel, make brown babies. Easy enough growing up in Africa. The shame of sharing skin tone with colonizers just made it all worse. I am a woman who fully loves herself now, but having to check the white box on a document is still unsettling. I know we all grow up with internal racial dialogue that we don't necessarily share with others. White pride is something I have never felt. I grew up the minority, and I have lived a beautiful diverse life, which is why I have a hard time wrapping my brain around this "white pride". I am also among the privileged (read: my silence will not hurt me) which means I have to say and do what I can to help speak up for people whose lives may depend on me and people like me. I don't really know the right way, so I am just going to do what feels right now. My words and method will be imperfect, but silence is toxic and clearly living my life with love vibes is not enough so.... You ever notice how good America is at slapping bandaids on things it does not want to look at? Our culture literally teaches us this from a very young age. We have come to a point in our history where this president we have is just exposing everything. Bandaids are falling off. It's ugly. I am quite sure it's going to get uglier. There is a whole lot of ugly to be cleaned up. Donald Trump is exposing the ugly. It is time to formulate some new medicine and start dealing with these race issues stinking up the streets. Stinking up our hearts. To all the Good white people... Don't be silent and expect this to go away! It won't.
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Looks like it's time to break the law • • • • #niggers #suicide #racism #memes
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