Paul knew how to love in every kind of situation...that's weird.
5 days ago
Trust in Him...that's weird.
11 days ago
Wisdom Warns...that's weird.
13 days ago
My attitude was going down hill fast today. Tired, the house is a disaster, and I am behind and don’t know how I will get all my stuff done. Decided I need a perspective change, so I turned on this podcast. ❤️ • Carlos and I love listening to sermons and then discussing them and sharing what God spoke to us through them. We have had so many great conversations because of them and learned a lot about each other through doing this. I would totally encourage you to start listening to sermons together. Then talk about your thoughts on them. It is so great for me to hear God’s word taught throughout the week other then just on Sunday’s. It’s so easy you can listen to it while folding laundry or while driving in your car. • Anyone else do this with their spouse? What about you do you have a favorite pastor you love listening to? #radicalchristianity #podcastlove
15 days ago
The wise woman...
16 days ago
Who may abide in Your tent?
17 days ago
Return to God, He loves you.
17 days ago
When we don't know how to pray, we have a helper...that's weird.
19 days ago
Jesus Christ is our mediator...that's weird.
21 days ago
The greatest is always LOVE.
22 days ago
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