Wrestled in Richmond this weekend and won my 5th state title! #takingdubs #redpride
20 hours ago
Latest #reiki project w my homies backyard #tomatoes - #blackcherry #redbeefsteak #cherokeepurple #sweetmillion #redpride #pinkgirl #yellowcherry #bigboy #yellowpear #hybrids disease resistant #heirloom Small pots for now to bring indoors during freezing nights
2 days ago
Happy Birthday @tstan42 We’d like to say you’re getting better with age but judging by these pics we can’t 🤣 #birthdayboy #redpride #fatheadturns31 #menofthefrontrow #hookerlifeaintforeveryone
2 days ago
Today was our last day of State indoor track competitions and I want to congratulate RHS for doing an incredible job this season!! I am so proud of all of you and your hard work💥😌🙌➡️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻 #redpride #trackandfield
2 days ago
Huge OT win at Greenfield-Central for the @plainfield_quakers ! #redpride
2 days ago
KNOW OUR NATIONS? TYPE YOUR ANSWER BELOW! All of North America and South America is still decorated with native people. In 1492 with the infection and arrival of white people and their ego/bad minds, murder, theft, rape, false borders, false countries and nationalities we are still here! We couldn't be killed off and we won't let our identity die off! We will always be here on our Brown Continent because this is our home!! LETS HAVE A CONTEST!!!! CAN YOU GUESS THEIR REGION? NORTH CENTRAL SOUTH?? SPECIFY BETWEEN LEFT AND RIGHT. IF YOU'RE MORE DARING, NAME THEIR NATIONS!! Answers will be given in one week! COMMENT BELOW! FOLLOW US: @brown.continent
3 days ago
OVERCOMING THEIR BORDERS, FALSE NATIONALITIES TO REUNITE AGAIN!! We Turtle Islanders of the entire "Western Hemisphere" far out number the invading European population. We make up 66% of the population across the western hemisphere!! WE must WAKE UP to this fact and realize our ability to save this continent and stop the destruction of our lands, harm to our people, and harm to our generations of children to come. WE MUST reclaim and save the land, our ceremonies, our traditions, our food sources, the water, and the air. IT IS OUR OBLIGATION, to stop the machine that has done so much damage to us and this land. We struggle with the worry that the damage done to our people is so drastic that we will not be able to make this happen. We pray and see our many nations of people WILL WAKE UP, and WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. It must happen or we will no longer have the ability to live in the natural world. The natural world will disappear and we will be left with a desert of plastic, chemicals and death. Follow us @brown.continent !!
3 days ago
LOVE YOUR ROOTS, YOUR PEOPLE, AND YOURSELF: We the original brown people of the Western Hemisphere have proven to be the best at what we do but we have also been the most exploited on our homelands. We can alter the course of our direction when we begin to make the conscious decision to reclaim our destiny, reclaim our identity, reclaim our ancestral teachings, reclaim our self respect, in order to reclaim our ancestral homelands! You are at home here brown people! Follow us @brown.continent
4 days ago
With Truro right around the corner here’s a little #waybackwednesday for y’all missing the Lady Saracens right about now #womencrushwednesday #redpride #rugbychristmas #barnrugby #14hourdrivefor14minutesofrugby #wemadetrurolookgood
4 days ago
5 days ago
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