Of course I mean. Taylor has had enough black lash. Even like yesterday I was with my cousins. So my sister was like.. I didn't like it (reputation) too much... JUST BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT SHE HAS DONE BEFORE. HONESTLY. I'M DONE. Before I could like reply to her my aunt called her and the topic got changed. I'm so frustrated that people just hate her or find a reason not to like her or her music. Like the reason she gave me is no reason at all.. #indianeedstaylorswift #indianswiftie #reputaylurking #reputationtourindia #taylorswift #taylurking -M
12 minutes ago
Swifties !let's winšŸ Vote for Reputation album. Link in bio and story highlight šŸ¹ā˜ļø
17 minutes ago
This could be rocky. Yeah right sure Taylor. I'M SO JEALOUS OF EVERYONE IN THIS VIDEO. NOT ONLY YOU GET TO GO TO HER RHODE ISLAND HOUSE ALSO REPUTATION SECRET SESSIONS. ALSO WITNESSED THE FIRST PERFORMANCE OF THIS ERA. I CAN'T šŸ’” She's such a dork. I love herā¤ļø #indianeedstaylorswift #indianswiftie #reputaylurking #reputationtourindia #taylorswift #taylurking -M
18 minutes ago
22 minutes ago
"Souls recognize each other by vibes not by appearances" šŸ–¤
30 minutes ago
Let me post rare photos šŸ¹ā˜ļøā˜ļø
36 minutes ago
Comment" ā˜ļø" if you love Taylena
37 minutes ago
iā€™m going to the movies to watch Star Wars now !!! iā€™m so excited !! @taylorswift #reputaylurking #taylorswift
1 hour ago
Always repping Rep šŸ˜Œā¤ļø #reputation #taylorswift @taylorswift #reputaylurking
1 hour ago
HEY TAY! MY GRANDMA AND I LOVE YOU!! šŸ˜†šŸ’–šŸ’« #taylorswift #reputaylurking @taylorswift
1 hour ago
4.159 chats unread. This group chat is having many topics to talk aboutšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ @taylorswift @taylornation #taylorswift #indonesia #reputaylurking #reputation #swifties
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