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Does this sound like your personal career description? If you find a job position that you wish to apply for, contact Meet The Criteria for a resume evaluation. This includes a detailed edit and rewrite - which will be available in your inbox in just two days. See #linkinbio for more information. #recruitment #career #CV #resume #resumewriting #coaching #job #work #melbourne #melbournejobs #blog #blogging #blogger #language #interview #jobinterview #hiring #candidate #applicant #coverletter #resumetemplate #jobtips #careergoals #careertips
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🗣️FIVE SEATS LEFT‼️ Tomorrow at 9:00 am our creative director is teaching career readiness to Clark Atlanta University fashion Senior Portfolio class in Oglethorpe Hall🐾🐾🐾 Register here➡️slcareerstudio.com/upcomingevents ••• #CareerReadiness #Resume #fashionindustry #PantherPride #CAU #AUC #Spelman #Morehouse
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Hello ladies! It's another great day! Day 2 of the Build Your Tribe Challenge has officially arrived. . Challenge Video #2: The Success Path: Show Them Where You Are Taking Them . We are continuing on to learn how to go from stressed with no clients to attracting more clients to work with you over and over again. . Make sure you check your email inbox or join our free Facebook group for the link to videos 1 and 2 and the beautiful handouts! Your tribe wants results so part of building your tribe is clearly communicating to them where you are taking them and the end result that you'll be able to help them find. No matter what type of business you have, you must identify the results and benefits that your product or service provides in order to gather excitement and build your tribe. . See you in the Facebook group where I can help you take action and move forward with building your tribe! Click the link in our profile. 👆
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#fadeaway wait for it.. it’s coming #billionairebacon @seejai.music @teambenjee @marsharice_ @akelley2022 @therealcamillap
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No, that offer is not for me. No, I cannot stay late again. No, I will not do your work for you. No, you cannot have that. No. - It’s ok to say “No” sometimes. It sets boundaries and builds respect. Don’t be afraid. If you’re genuinely uncomfortable with something, muster up the courage to say “No.” #successtips #offerstage
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Who loved going to Toys ‘r Us and Claire’s as a child? 🙋🏾‍♀️ . Some people turned their passion for toys or accessories into careers. But unfortunately, as many of you know, thousands of those jobs will be gone due to both retail store chains closing this year. . It is always important to remain prepared because jobs are never guaranteed. Keeping your resume updated and aligned to industry trends can save you a lot of time in a highly competitive job market. . Contact me today to get started! #toysrus #claires
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03.20.2018 ~ On 02.17.2018 I climbed up the semi-active volcano 🌋 mount Batur in #bali #indonesia 😇 We got to the foot of the volcano and started trekking @ around 3 AM in the morning. It wasn’t easy, but we knew why were there - for the sun rise. 🌞 In looking back you know what I’ve realized? That I’m so fucking glad I did this even though none of my family members wanted to join and thought I was nuts for self-torturing my mind and body trekking up a freaking mountain in the middle of the night - I wanted to see the 🌅, and then I did it. SIMPLE. 🔥 7 years ago I had this fire in me. I WANTED to speak eloquent and non-accented American English when I first set foot on American soil and couldn’t understand simple conversational English - I knew exactly what I WANTED, and I’ve done it. It was one hell of a challenging and fun ride, and I’m still on my way towards becoming a true bilingual bridge between two cultures, and that requires me to dive back into my #roots and truly learn and study my own heritage, the thousands of years of wisdom. ☀️ When we have #clarity of what we WANT. WE - The ALPHA animal on this planet, that is us Human Beings have the “potential” superpower granted by the gift of mind, spirit and body to GET what we WANT. 🌓 It’s only POTENTIAL superpower because we have to consciously make the CHOICE: between light and darkness; health and negligence; love and fear... I don’t always make the best one, but I know I have a choice, and that everything currently manifested in my life is the results of my choice.
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