A dark day being reminded of the evil we are up against. To stand in The Light is the only way though. Here is a pretty lass - a small reason why we fight. #reaction #dissidentright #altright #conservative #libertarian #rightwing #tradition #revoltagainstthemodernworld #esoteric #nation #europa #european #politics #beauty #reactionary #order #truth
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My new reading project #revoltagainstthemodernworld by #juliusevola can't wait to dig in on this one. #bookworm #readingkindofnight
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There's been a lot of rhetoric going on along the wild edges of Heathenry based on the mistaken assumption that we cannot pursue primal masculinity with women present or involved, or vice versa. While I certainly am an advocate for sex-specific fellowship groups, spirit is the living essence of nature, not separate from it and we were made by nature for partnership. No great spiritual undertaking can be forged outside of natural law, it is only through surrender to the greater structures of this existence that we can then rise and thrive. I know the word and the idea of surrender is something many believe to be antithecal to primal masculinity but that is the arrogant machismo of the lesser self childishly rebelling against the greater Self. Even Odin sacrificed his lesser self to his greater Self to win the runes. Further, while codependency is a sickness of the modern world, it's polar inverse of total independence is both equally unhealthy as well as simply not Heathen. Heathenry is inherently preservative and ancestral. None described it better than Vincent from @americanheathen in his profound "My Name is Not my Own" poem. Any group that argues against appropriate partnership argues against the essence of what it means to be Heathen. True partnership is defined by a balance of compliment, a striving for sovereignty out of a desire to provide for one's family. This is a visceral motivation greater than any idealism and we strip ourselves of that power when we disregard it. A man who fights for the things he loves will always fight better than a man who fights because he hates. Inversely, while evolutionary theories like hypergamy explain root inclinations towards certain behaviors, to discredit the rational faculties of men or women based only on an observable instinctive drive belittles the very idea of spiritual growth. Cynically, arguments for inherent infidelity can be made for either sex. We should not flee from our base natures but neither should be succumb to them in some sort of nihilistic hedonism. As with all things, balance can be attained and I will continue to bear the torch for the virtue and necessity of complimentary partnership.
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Feeling increasingly spiritual and religious, but who isn’t with surroundings like these? 🇸🇪 Winter is the comfiest season of all! ❄️ On a related topic, Varg’s videos have been straight fire lately. 🔥 #legiogloria #sweden #revoltagainstthemodernworld #viking #sweden #nature #winter #asatru
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Count on the Celts to have made a word for this. My cynefin resonates the strongest here in Cascadia. I have traveled quite a bit and while I can appreciate the beauty of other places, their textures do not speak to the fabric of my soul. Only Cascadia has ever done that. I have felt it my whole life and it was only when I moved that I learned what it was to grieve at the loss of a place. Not the people. The land itself, the mountains and rivers and forests and seasons, the very essence of this living, breathing land. While Europe birthed my people and my spirituality, I am not called to there. My heart thrives in the mighty wilderness of these mountains and plains with their ancient glacial scars and ferocious verdant growth. I will make a new home for my people here and we will write the next chapter of our great story. Hail Cascadia! 🍻🐺🌲⛰️ #pacificnorthblessed #pnwonderland #pnw #washingtonstate #natureismychurch #trail #hike #wanderlust #bike #bikecommute #hikepnw #hikewashington #optoutside #naturephotography #wander #getlost #asatru #heathen #wolfofodin #odinism #upperleftusa #washingtontrails #cascadia #revoltagainstthemodernworld #fitlife #healthylife #leavenotrace #sufferbetter #treadlightly
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