'Punch Nazis!', formerly The Dirty Dozen SOLD And they say abstract art can't make political statements. A commission for a friend who made it very clear that he wanted that message in it. I certainly had no objection.
2 days ago
During Donald Trumps inauguration on January 20th, 2017 Alt-Right and White Supremacist figurehead Richard Spencer was punched by an unknown inauguration protestor while giving an interview. Spencer was punched while explaining the significance of the Pepe the Frog pin he was wearing, a well known internet meme that the Alt-Right has claimed as their own. Ironically, the video of him being punched has since been propelled into memedom, leading to many remixes of the punch video. The controversial video has since led to discussions surrounding violence as a protest tactic and what the proper response to white supremacy constitutes. RPL. #altright #pepe #meme #richardspencer #antifa #lol
3 days ago
Follow me at @bent.tracker for politically charged VHS memes. | 👱🏻‍♂️ Pls do not punch. @richardbspencer #aryan #neonazi #altright #richardspencer #politics #idpol #controversial #seinfeld #90s #notcondoning #whitesupremacy #2017 #risky
3 days ago
"The constitution is not a relevant document??" I understand the contrasting narratives of the transgender community and @officialbenshapiro, but who made you the tyrannical dictators to censor and silence free speech? This is the real fascism right here. People with differing views that threaten your own subjective sense of self is not hate speech. Your job is to take care of yourself, love yourself, better yourself and stay true to yourself regardless of the simple fact that there will be people who don't agree with you or say not so nice things about you. That's life. So don't be a victim. Yes, expose and punish the real bullies, the real hatred, the real evil where you can, but don't make that your identity. I don't necessarily like that Ben uses words like "suffering" or "mental illness" when talking about this particular community, but that's not hate speech that deserves violent riots from people like #yvettefelarca. Go protest the real pieces of shit like #richardspencer. #freespeechwars
4 days ago
All you race collectivist idiots better wake up, otherwise we will all be fucked. They don't care about race, culture, any of that shit. This idea that the police force is corrupt because of racism is absurd, considering the fact that if they really wanted to make black folks disappear they'd stop policing your neighborhoods, you morons. And race realism is not real, its an excuse to be an asshole. Why do you care about what happens to the white race down the line, you're not gonna be around anyways. Also wanting a Jewish ethnostate is the same thing that white nationalists want, which puts you (Zionists) in the same category. The elites are after everyone, so wise up Also if you haven't already follow my account. Partners💡💡💡💡: @patriotic_crusader @trump_supporters4america @whiskeyfucks @wa.state.republican @capitalismisamericanism Squad✔️✔️✔️: @_resafire_ @therealshockandawe Follow the squad💥💥💥💥 @deplorablenation16 Subscribe to my channel Jazzthedeplorable onMinds Nation of Conservatives: @oh_no_there_is_a_puddle @rchapman8 @the.hispanic.activist @proud_deplorable_103 #racerealism #racism #jackass #whitenationalists #blacknationalist #wakeup #sheep #richardspencer
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