It’s easy to belittle someone and ridicule them for mourning, crying over and missing someone they don’t personally know, or weren’t even born when they were alive, but you’ll never know the heartache until it’s you who’s being ridiculed for exactly that. So what if I wasn’t alive when River Phoenix was? So what if I don’t personally know him? Why should that strip me of my privileges to miss him? It really does grind my gears when people tell me that I “can’t miss him” because I “didn’t know him” — where on Earth is the relevance in that? River has helped me through immense hardships, when I have contemplated suicide, I remember that he was here, he loved Life and had it not been for that one unfortunate night, he’d still be here spreading his message of peace, unity and kindness. He sculpted me to be the person I am today, he helps me navigate through the dark and find out who I truly am. He inspired me to be vegan, and shone a light on the barbaric maltreatment of animals and our planet, to which I now make my best effort to aid. I miss him in every way there is to miss someone, I miss seeing his smile, and I wish that he was still here. What hurts more is when people get vexed at me for crying over him, after all he’s done for me— they say “it’s not real life, there are more important things than that” but to me, there really aren’t. What’s most important is sustaining our planet and to stop treating it as if we have a secondary resort. What’s most important is unifying, because unity and kindness are our greatest panaceas. What’s most important is to be gentle, to be kind, to all things, the earth, the people AND and the animals. What is most important to me is that HE lived, and in his 23 years he made more of an impact than some have in their decades of respiration. He is what’s most important to me, and you’ll never be able to compute the pain until you find someone like him, only to be deprived of him all your life. #riverjudephoenix #riverphoenix #riverjudebottom #riverbottom #vegan #humanitarian #humanity #vegans #animalrights #environmentalist #environment #planetearth #earth #90s #80s #river #phoenix
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I kind of recreated a journal page that I made but i thought it was going to come out better!! I hope y'all still like it!! RIVER WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON TO EVER WALK THIS WORLD!! • • • • • • • • #nichemom #nichememes #nichememe #nichememeaccounts #nichememespage #nichememeacc #nicheuser #nichemom #nichehelpers #nichepals #riverphoenix #myownprivateidaho #riverjudebottom #riverjudephoenix #rainphoenix #alekasattic #joaquinphoenix #standbyme #runningonempty #mosquitocoast #dogfight #libertyphoenix #summerphoenix
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River Phoenix for Vogue Magazine, Photographed by Bruce Weber in 1990. - - - - - - #riverjude #riverbottom #riverphoenix #riverphoenix #riverjudephoenix #riverjudebottom #vogue #voguemagazine #omgpage #omg90s
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I eagerly wish I could just hug and meet River
7 days ago
Sorry I haven’t posted an edit but here’s a picture of my beautiful baby💓
9 days ago
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