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6 hours ago
“It’s a great feeling to think that I can be a friend to so many people through my movies.” - River Phoenix 🎬 • • • I got a new pet bunny!! Do y’all have any pets? I only have a dog and now a bunny🐶🐰 • • • #riverphoenix #riverjudephoenix #rjp #riveredit #edit #riverphoenixedit #70s #80s #90s #actor #standbyme #runningonempty #myownprivateidaho #jimmyreardon #thethingcalledlove #dogfight #explorers #iloveyoutodeath #darkblood #indianajones #mosquitocoast #littelnikita #sneakers #silenttongue
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lately i’ve been feeling so much intense energy from river that’s been different than usual. i have been afraid to show my truest self. i was always scared of posting too much on my personal instagram where everyone from school could see me. i was scared if i posted pictures different from ones other people posted. i never posted anything on my instagram story. through the past year with river, i’ve learned to be and show who i am on social media, for the better. to inspire and help others, and to speak out about what i believe in. i realized how fortunate i am to be able to help the world, & the animals & people in it. tonight, i am planning on making a post on my personal account about being my true self. to tell everyone that i am different, and that that is okay. as stupid as it sounds, i am pretty nervous to do this. but it feels amazing to ”come clean” and stand up for myself. and for all the old souls out there that love the beatles & zeppelin, that wear old clothes & spend hours at thrift stores, that would rather be running around barefoot in a forest than in a mall. for everyone that’s struggled with something. i wouldn’t have the courage to do this without you guys & river. i’ll let you know how it goes! 💛🌸⚡️🌲🐚🌥️🌷💗⛰️☁️🌤️💐🦋🌏
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I’m crying, I miss him😭 -ac [kuteaudios] -oc [cutecutrus] #riverphoenix #riverjudephoenix #rjp This is so short gisnfisjfjs
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12 hours ago
Such a beautiful boy I love 💛🌻, is it just me that’s so completely fascinated by psychopaths like in Heathers? • • • • #christianslater #christian #slater #heathers #heathersedit #winonaryder #winona #ryder #riverphoenix #riverjudephoenix #river #phoenix
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— my part for isa’s collab 💌 sc rcbirths [#omgpage #chrischambers #omg80s]
15 hours ago
river's so proud of you keanu<3 dt @endorganas @vxid.mp4 cc mine ac mine i miss these two together,, a lot
16 hours ago
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